Weekend wound up: Open thread


Friday Follies

Always a good read, but especially with this side note on Bank-Run Burr.

Republican Senator Richard Burr is a leader, but maybe not the kind he wants you think much about. After the latest round of campaign finance filings, Open Secrets reports that Burr ranks first in the Senate in the amount of contributions from two categories of donors, the pharmaceutical and health products industry and the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. Senator Burr is apparently their guy in Washington.

He also leads the Senate in contributions from leadership PACS, committees set up by other members of Congress. They must be worried about his reelection chances. Sounds like its time to call the pharmaceutical industry lobbyists back for more cash.

Fun article on Charlotte's split personality

I found it in the Federal Times.

Somewhere out there is a person who wants to choose from a selection of 50 canned beers, play a KISS pinball machine and eat a sloppy joe with a side of fried pickles and mac-n-cheese bites. That person’s heaven would be Cans of Charlotte, a watering hole that serves em up cold and glories in its quirkiness.

For something with a bit more shimmer, the end of a working day draws hip young professionals to TILT on Trade. With its glossy hardwood floors and chandelier lighting, this bar/nightclub oozes class. Eight flat-screen TVs serve up a healthy dose of televised sports. Either way, you get a killer martini and trendy new friends. A great place to be young and beautiful, if you happen to be.

It's a good piece. Go read the whole thing.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Blue Cross Blue Shield postcard

If you receive this postcard, i suggest you write "support the public option" on it with a sharpie, then send it to Senator Hagan. Thanks for the free postage Blue Cross Blue Shield!


got that one. I called the Senator's office this week to convey my support for a strong public option, and was told that the Senator also stood for a robust public option. We'll see.

Yay! It's Monday!

Long weekend spent hauling daughters around, but ended with a lovely National Honor Society induction ceremony and reception for Kates.

Part of the hauling around took us to a Borders in Charlotte. I wanted to look for a book on sustainable farming or something in that particular vein. I didn't find anything, but they did have an entire shelf on growing pot.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.