Weekend wound up: Hate mail edition

I don't often post the hate mail I receive, but today's missive was a special treat, from a person who is using the email address -----------@gmail.com. Right wing brilliance on parade, and a great way to start the weekend!

UPDATE: I've removed the person's alias and email address in anticipation of callin' in th' law.

You and your wife don't produce shit. You're parasites who co-opt others' money for your collectivist opinions. So quit your ass-clown whining...your pathetic book is like one zillion on Amazon's sales list!

Sit back in Chapel Hole until all of the fiat money your ass-clown heros in DC print becomes as worthless as the pages in your "book".

You and your leftist minions are fiscal dumb-fucks. That is all.

This morning my book was around 200,000 on Amazon's list, but I guess that's like one zillion to people who aren't so good at teh mathz.

Happy weekend.


Darn, James, I've always wanted minions...

but sorta figured that true minions went out with Vlad the Impaler. Now, here you are with your very own minions!! I'm soooo jealous!

Stan Bozarth


I thought he meant onions!

Cowards and keyboards

Okay folks, I just received a second email and am officially distressed and worried about the asshole who has been harassing me. As is my wife. I have just forwarded both emails to the North Carolina State Police.

From my reading of Internet stalking laws in North Carolina, this is now criminal conduct, though I admit the person involved may be clinically insane. We find out one way or another.

Sorry to hear this, James

I would say something about cowards, but you just can't take for granted that they are harmless. If there's anything I can do, let me know.

This person used to be here at BlueNC

and has a sick history of harassment using a variety of names and email addresses, all of which I have archived. I intend to pursue this to the extent that the law will allow at whatever cost is required, and have communicated that intention to the individual involved.

This sort of intimidation will not stand.

Just post the email, JB...

No one has threatened, harassed or intimidated you. Any knowledge I have of you was provided by you on the freaking web! I peek in here now and then just to see what kind of "critical-thinking" is going on at MarxistNC. Rest assured, I am far too busy pulling the wagon down here in the People's Republic to waste any time, stalking anyone...I hate Chapel Hole anyway...far too Bohemian for my tastes. Now get back to that keyboard and pump out some more class-envy, secularist garbage while the 50% of us that provide the loot keep sweatin' til November!

"This sort of intimidation will not stand." Sheesh what a drama-queen!

He's been blocked

I don't give a shit whether he considers what he's done as intimidating or not. James does, and that's all I need to know.



Stan Bozarth

Thinking is an Individual Effort

James does, and that's all I need to know.

My suggestion, would be to exercise your critical thinking skills. I'm sure James is honored by the throngs of mindless followers, but doesn't provide you credibility when you appear to be little more than a glorified lap dog. Just here to help, my friend; a little constructive criticism.

You are no longer welcome at

You are no longer welcome at BlueNC. I have blocked your account.


Nobody can claim we're intolerant around here. Thinker probably should have been sent back under his bridge a long time ago.

I've been wondering lately

how long you were going to put up with his vile spew....