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Want a lesson in how not to maintain anonymity online? Read the crazy comments in this mildly amusing thread.


President Obama is in a particular predicament

In many of Obama's speeches while running for president, he made hay of the debacle that was being seen in Iraq. He wooed a good many people into voting for him by saying that Bush should have gone after the Taliban and Al Quaeda in Afghanistan in the first place because that is where the 911 perps hailed from.

Now? He thinks he is being held accountable for those statements that enamored so many people to his cause and against Bush and the republicans.

To him, I think, if he does not get seriously involved in Afghanistan and just lets that quagmire continue, he is showing that he was not serious about his intentions in the first place thus further lessening his "approval rating". You cannot say one thing and do another and think that you will not be held accountable for it.

It is a particular predicament for him. It is a "damned if I do/damned if I don't" situation.

NC Free

Or perhaps I should say ... NC Free of a coherent thought. As he often does on Fridays, Chris Fitzsimon takes the loonies to task for their predictable pandering.

I like it too, James

But, has this not been the effort all along? It is not as easy as saying that, there is more to it than that and it might be politically expedient for Marshall to present that to the NC electorate, but, it is not something that has not been said time and time again.

Here is the quote from Marshall I am referring to:

"Right now though, the greatest threat to the United States and the rest of the region is the growing instability in Pakistan. The country harbors the most dangerous mix of terrorists and nuclear weapons in the world. Our efforts should be there, using political and diplomatic pressure on the Pakistani government to root out and destroy the remaining Al Qaeda elements that have sought harbor in their borderlands."

Again, I like Marshall's presentation on this, but it's not something just so many haven't said before.

The "how to get-r-done" is the issue.