Weekend wound-up


More corporate welfare

A never-ending bipartisan clusterf/ck of epic proportions.

John Waters on the couch

Great interview at FT.com. Best line:

He says it’s good that more people are able to come out of the closet, but adds: “I wish some gay people would go back in. We have enough.”

Thank you, Tom Fetzer.

End of my tenure on the board of Democracy NC

Tomorrow will mark the end of my six years (we are term limited) on the board of Democracy NC with the last two serving as chair of the board. I want to thank the staff and my other board members for their support during my tenure, I could not have done it without you.

The area I am most proud of is our work to protect the voting rights of the people of NC. Voting is the bedrock of our democracy and a persons right to vote is something to be defended with all our mite.

Our incoming chair, Julie Thomasson Mooney is well poised to take Democracy NC into our second decade and I look for great things from the organization under her leadership.

Gray Newman

A job well done

Thanks for all you (and the other folks at Democracy NC) have done for the people of our state, Gray. You've made a difference.