A week without the N&O

One week ago we instituted a new policy banning links to the Raleigh News and Observer at BlueNC. The policy was created in response to the newspaper's reliance on propaganda from the Show on its editorial pages in general, with a specific concern over the use of WPTF's Rick Martinez as an op-ed columnist. For my part, the new policy has been a breeze. It's been easy to find important stories at other sites, with the added benefit of being able to uncover fresh, new sources of information. That said, I'd welcome the chance to resume linking to the Old Reliable. All they need to do is Dump Little Ricky.

What's your take?


I'd like to see him go

A few years ago his OpEds weren't too bad, and every now and then he made some sense.

But Just like a lot of pundits on the right, recent Republican victories have encouraged him to branch off into the absurd, in an atttempt to justify all sorts of unjustifiable stuff and facilitate even more.

The overall quality of the N&O would improve with his absence, frankly, but I'm not sure if they still have the objectivity to realize that.

Week Two will be just as easy

It's sad that we can so easily replace The N&O, but that's the state of affairs today.