Wednesday News: Where is the Censure?


LARRY PITTMAN TELLS LAW ENFORCEMENT TO SHOOT BLM ACTIVISTS: “This is war,” he wrote on Facebook Monday. “Our people have a right to expect our leaders to be on our side, not surrender to the lawless, godless mob.” Pittman, a pastor, declined to comment Tuesday. “Sorry, I don’t do interviews,” he said in an email. On Facebook, he said if he were in charge he would order police to take back their cities, arrest “these domestic terrorists,” and “If they resist and attack you, shoot them.” “Law and order must be restored,” he wrote. “Innocent citizens have a right to expect elected officials and law enforcement officers to protect them and their property. They also have a right to defend themselves with deadly force if they are able.”

NC GOP PUSHES FOR BLANKET IMMUNITY FROM COVID 19 LAWSUITS: North Carolina businesses, universities, schools and government agencies would get broad protections from COVID-19 lawsuits under an immunity bill that moved through committee Tuesday at the General Assembly. House Bill 118 would widen liability immunities first drafted for essential businesses, which the legislature passed in early May. The immunity from lawsuits, filed by people who catch the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, would extend to essentially every business in the state, plus government entities. Republican lawmakers backing the bill said it's difficult to determine where someone actually caught the virus and that businesses just reopening after shutdown orders closed them for months don't need the threat of expensive legal action. "How do you know where you got this virus?" Senate Majority Leader Harry Brown, R-Onslow, said Tuesday. "But I'm smart enough to know the ones who are going to be sued are the ones who've got some money."

MEDICAID MANAGED CARE POSTPONED FOR A YEAR, DHHS TO RELOCATE WITHIN WAKE COUNTY: The July 1, 2021, start date is contained in a bill that also locates another $460 million to cover additional expenses during the next fiscal year for Medicaid, the government-run health care plan for mostly poor children, older adults and people with disabilities. The shift from a traditional fee-for-service program for three-quarters of the state’s 2.2 million Medicaid recipients was to begin late last year and early this year. Four private insurers and a physicians’ partnership awarded contracts by the state would have started receiving fixed monthly payments for every patient seen. The measure, which needs one more Senate vote before going to the House, also directs the state to select land in Wake County to relocate the current offices of the Department of Health and Human Services on the old Dorothea Dix hospital campus in Raleigh. The 2019 budget bill, which Cooper vetoed and never took effect, had directed the Dix campus move to Granville County.

SEATTLE "AUTONOMOUS ZONE" BEGAN WITH A POLICE WALKOUT: The zone was formed last week amid the Black Lives Matter protests. Activists had gathered at a neighborhood police precinct to call for accountability and an end to police violence. In response, on June 8, police officers left that area. A spontaneous protest encampment has since sprung up outside the building, run by volunteer activists. Core to the zone is a vision of a self-governed community with no formal policing. Instead, volunteers, many of them avowed police abolitionists, have begun to organize their own safety force. Among other incidents, these volunteers have confronted a man throwing apples and threatening punches, a car driving toward a large crowd of pedestrians and a vehicle circling the block repeatedly and taking photos. Volunteers say they have engaged with armed visitors from outside the city who came to the zone convinced that Seattle needed saving from left-wing agitators. Over the weekend, about two dozen people served as sentinels, provided the micro-neighborhood with a round-the-clock security presence. From a folding table under a pop-up tent on the sidewalk, a volunteer coordinated schedules on a whiteboard and notepad. On Sunday, a half-dozen people inquired about signing up, including several women of color. The coordinators paired volunteers to establish a buddy system, handed out radios for on-site communication and added phone numbers to a group chat on the encrypted text service Signal. They offered basic tips in de-escalation: Speak in a low volume, establish a dialogue, use slow hand movements to communicate that the situation is calm, alert offenders that they are being watched.

TRUMP SUES JOHN BOLTON TO KEEP HIS TELL-ALL BOOK FROM BEING PUBLISHED: The Trump administration sued the former national security adviser John R. Bolton on Tuesday to try to delay publication of his highly anticipated memoir about his time in the White House, saying the book contained classified information that would compromise national security if it became public. The book, “The Room Where It Happened,” is set for release on June 23. Administration officials have repeatedly warned Mr. Bolton against publishing it. Mr. Bolton made clear in a statement this week that his book contained explosive details about his time at the White House. He and Mr. Trump clashed on significant policy issues like Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan, and in his book, Mr. Bolton also confirmed accusations at the heart of the Democratic impeachment case over the president’s dealings with Ukraine, according to details from his manuscript previously reported by The New York Times. A spokesman for Simon & Schuster called the lawsuit “nothing more than the latest in a long-running series of efforts by the administration to quash publication of a book it deems unflattering to the president.” While insider books vex many administrations, it is rare for one to sue to delay them before publication. Several former White House lawyers from Democratic and Republican administrations said they could not recall a similar legal effort to stop a book by a former White House official. On Monday, Mr. Trump accused Mr. Bolton of violating policies on classified information by moving ahead with the book. The president also threatened Mr. Bolton with criminal charges for moving ahead, though there is no indication that federal prosecutors plan to pursue any.



And before you say,

"Why just a Censure, he should be (fill in the blank)!" Pittman is the kind of bigot who thrives on being able to pull these stunts without criticism from his own party. In his mind, their lack of action proves they secretly support him. Forcing a Censure vote would put Republicans in the position of either rejecting his nonsense or owning it themselves. They've avoided that responsibility for too long already.

This thing needs legs...

The NC GOP needs to understand that Pittman is out of control, and if left unchecked, his idiocy will be in the news again before November gets here.

Donate to Pittman's opponent

This is a good opportunity to remember to donate to Pittman's opponent who is running for his seat in district 83, Gail Young.

She's endorsed by a number of groups - you can find out more about her at a profile posted on Watauga Watch this morning.

As for Pittman, in a "normal" world, he would be censured and kicked out of the legislature for advocating violence and be banned from social media.

Lol! "Great minds," again...

I just posted about her in a diary. She got over 47% of the vote last time, which is pretty dang strong in that district.

Nah. More is better.

You can never say important things too many times on the internet.

Citizens * * except if they're black

This quote from Pittman is the height of hypocrisy:

“Innocent citizens have a right to expect elected officials and law enforcement officers to protect them and their property. They also have a right to defend themselves with deadly force if they are able.”