Wealthy White Charlotte Republicans Vote to Elect Lord God King for City Council


The hate brigade that camps out in the comment section of the Charlotte Observer was out in all its glory on Wednesday morning as articles were posted detailing the Democratic sweep of the at-large city council races and the lopsided win for Mayor Anthony Foxx.  It seems that Republicans have a habit of pointing out straight ticket voting by Democrats while ignoring the fact that plenty of their folks vote the same way.  Of course, to the Republicans, the Democrats pulling the straight party ticket are low information voters.  Note the following comments:


...Dems historically vote more straight ticket than Rep's.  You can do the math on that one as it is much easier, requires less education and confirms that those who vote that way really don't know anything about the candidates...



...In other words, the black ozombie voters were community orgainized and voted for party affiliation regardless of experience.

and my absolute favorite for its hypocrisy:


Exactly correct.  Straight Dimocrat ticket voters who have no clue as to the issue positions the candidates espouse.  Probably couldn't pick the people they voted into office out of a lineup.  This is the sad state of elections today.  If there were basic intelligence tests for voter eligibility, there would be a Republican landslide.

I know I should leave the trolls alone, but I noticed something funny in the District 1 city council race.  I was paying close attention since my mother is Patsy Kinsey, the incumbent in that district.  I assumed her opponent, David Michael Rice would get a few votes because Republicans have their fair share of low information voters.  I had expected to see votes scattered throughout the district for Mr. Rice.  I had not expected to see such a huge concentration in precincts where I thought voters would be more informed than they apparently were.

To be clear, I don't think white, wealthy residents of Eastover and Myers Park are more informed than voters of color, different ethnicities or smaller wallets and paychecks.  I simply thought they would be more informed than they displayed on Tuesday.

Mr. Rice, the Republican candidate, ran for County Commission and Soil and Water Conservation Board in 2010 at which time he filled out the Charlotte Observer questionnaire.  When asked the question what readers might find surprising about him, Rice replied that he was "born Lord God King."   He also showed up for the League of Women Voters forum hosted by WTVI dressed in a hard hat, priest's collar and wearing a large cross.  He did not show up for any campaign events in 2011 and failed to show for the League of Women Voter's forum.  He did respond to Jim Morrill's request for an interview in the Observer where he entertained us with these dandies:

I want people to know they have a choice other than Democrat or Republican," he says. "We're going to be going national. I'll probably be running for governor next year."

His party, which he calls "Royal Crown," would seek to write "Godly principle" into law. Rice calls it an offshoot of a political action committee he formed in 2006 called The Holy Royal Crown.

Records with the state elections board show he failed to file reports. After several warnings of noncompliance, the board terminated the PAC in 2009.

Asked how many people are in his party, he says, "I'm the only one."

I'm probably just a one-man party, a one-man church government."

In their endorsement editorial, the Observer wrote that Mr. Rice was not a legitimate candidate.  I agree.  That's not to say that his views and concerns for the city aren't legitimate.  He is a citizen and his voice is as important as anyone else's. His candidacy was simply not one that most informed voters would acknowledge as legitimate.

Why then, did so many Republicans in Eastover and Myers Park vote for him?  Could it possibly be that the Republicans who pull the straight party lever are uninformed?  Do they not care about who is actually on the ballot, just the "R" after the name?  If you listen to the trolls in the comment section of the Observer that's the only conclusion to draw.



The Eastover precinct

actually was the only precinct Rice won. Myers Park was a close one...Mom only won by 16 votes. Must admit we laughed a long time over this. I hadn't planned to write anything until I saw the comments in the Observer.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Political comedy of errors

The Republicans must have been very desperate to appoint this cariacture, Lord God King, to run against City Councilperson Patsy Kinsey. As someone who formerly lived in Councilperson Kinsey's district, I was not overly surprised that a nonserious candidate would run against her. Councilperson Kinsey, herself, had also evolved into a political cariacture over time.I quit supporting her campaigns several years ago because I grew tired of her ineffective leadership.

Well, Adrian

I will pass that along to mother, but fortunately the vast majority of her constituents say she is responsive and effective. Heck even "Kwazie Wabbit" - a far right leaning commenter on the CharO said Patsy/Mom was the only person on council to respond to him when he sent an email. He said that he at least knew she gave a damn.

Have a great day.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Funny how the Republicans

are guilty of exactly what they accuse Democrats of doing....

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Oh please send this in to the Observer

.... if not as an article, then an editorial. As you are the daughter of a candidate, they might give your words some priority. This is a keeper!!

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Thank you!

I'm quite certain they wouldn't publish it, but maybe I could write an Observer appropriate piece. Glad you liked it.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Is this guy the mirror-universe version of...

Jimmy "The Rent is 2 Damn High" McMillan?

Garner, NC

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