Warning: Don't Drink and Read

This morning, like every morning, I was browsing through the local blogs on Greensboro101.com and I came across an entry on EdCone.com.

It seems that John Ross Hendrix, one of Vernon Robinson's opponents in the District 13 congressional primary, has declared that "he cannot support Robinson in the general election". Well that's no surprise, what kind of sane person would?

It was the next part, however, that made me spit my coffee all over my newly cleaned desk. (Warning: If you're drinking anything swallow it and put the cup down before you read on!)

Not only can Mr. Hendrix not give Vernon his support, but he feels so strongly about not supporting Vernon that he has now changed his party affiliation and become a Democrat. In Mr. Hendrix's own words:

If Vernon Robinson represents the direction of the Republican party, then I wish to have nothing to do with them ever again. It seems to me that being a conservative Democrat could be one helluva lot easier than being a sane and rational Republican.

EdCone.com has a few more great quotes from Mr. Hendrix, including who he will support in the general election.

I just want to say, welcome to the party, Mr. Hendrix!


Nice Catch

...so I have a visual of Liddy clutching her pearls and yanking out her hair and a vision of Republicans in the 13th yanking their heads from their behinds and seeing the light of day. What a morning!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.