A War For Our Communities

There's a War going on in our communities that we have over looked for far too long.  I know what you are thinking "Yeah we know about the War on Drugs & Gangs", but that's not what I meant.  The War on Poverty is what I am talking about.  Eastern North Carolina is one of the poorest parts of the Country.  Yet throughout this years election much of the Talk was about Tax Cuts for the Rich and our growing national debt.  It's funny to me how something so damaging to our community gets so little attention.  I guess it's not important enough to those who control what people know (the Media) well it's important to me!  

In NC congressional District 1 the median income is around $28,000 in NC congressional District 3 it's around $37,000 .  What's the Difference?  Well NC-01 is around 45.4% White 50.7% African American, NC-03 is around 77.9% White 16.8 African American  I know it's no secret but African Americans are Much poorer than Whites.  In Kinston  7% of Whites are below Poverty 35.5% of African Americans are below poverty. The State poverty level is around 12.3%.  

My point is "Poverty contributes to Crime"!  The Higher the poverty rates the higher the crime rates will more than likely be.  We can fight this Stupid War on Drugs until we are Blue in the face but until we seriously address the Extreme Poverty in our communities we don't stand a chance of stopping Drug use or Drug Dealing and the various crimes that are associated with them.  I know all to well the affects of drugs on a family and to a community as a whole but the Fact is that Focusing on Enforcement alone doesn't solve the Problem.  That's like treating a gunshot wound with a band aid.  

The problem with Drugs is the Demand.  You can lock up every drug dealer in Kinston and what you will end up doing is creating a void for another drug dealer to fill.  It's a Cycle that will never be broken as long as the Demand for Drugs is high and the profit margin is high.  We need to think very seriously about how locking young men and women up for non violent drug use and drug dealing is destroying families and we all know that the Family is the backbone of the community.  Maybe we shouldn't even call it a War on Drugs or a War on Crime or a War on Poverty but A War For Our Community!