War and Peace on the National Mall Saturday

Peace advocates meeting on the National Mall this Saturday will be met by counter-demonstrators organized by two North Carolina men. Larry Bailey of Vets for Truth and BootMurtha.com and Ted Sampley of US Veteran Dispatch and multiple dubious pseudo-political ventures and, Rolling Thunder Motor Cycle Rally.

Ted Sampley of Kinston, the P.T. Barnum of Swiftboating, has created a bogus story that protesters will deface the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial. It has spun from Sampley's website with an "Eagles" message board into an organized counter-offensive called "Gathering of Eagles". Many have bought into the BS, and message boards hint at physical conflict. Some suggest developing "limps" to justify canes as potential weapons. There is a way to fight back - peacefully. Read on and please take action before midnight Friday.

According to MarchOnPentagon.org

Tens of thousands of people will be gathering at Constitution Gardens at 12 noon near the Vietnam Memorial prior to the March on the Pentagon on Saturday, March 17. We will not be in the Vietnam Memorial and all speakers for amplified sound are turned away from the Memorial so as not to interfere with family members visiting the site

The purpose of Sampley's parade charade is to whip up controversy to perpetuate the Sampley's self-importance and his hate agenda and, to keep making money from peddling stuff like selling arm bands t-shirts and other political/military paraphenalia including confederate flags and anti-Hillary bumper stickers. I'd call them chachkas but they are not inexpensive.

Back in October I wrote a post called In The Shadow of Lincoln that provides background on Ted Sampley originated by The Southern Dem.

Lincoln Statue

In the middle of a multitude of activities, The Southern Dem found time to research and write an excellent series of articles about a usurper of democracy, one Theodore Lane Sampley of Kinston. Sampley, a political provocatuer, is the originator and maintainer of an eyesore in the nation's capital, an unkempt shack which sits in plain view of the Lincoln Memorial, mocking Lincoln and the nation's political heritage. The culmination of this writing was a three part article, links to which I have re-posted to recognize the excellent research and narrative which may have been missed by some readers the first time around in the whirlwind of daily posts.

PART 1 : Who is Ted Sampley and Why do I Care?

PART 2 : A Darker Shade of Ted

PART 3 : Disreputable, Despicable, Dishonorable

Disclaimer - To my knowledge, no person mentioned in this article or the three referenced articles, has committed a crime, pleaded guilty to or been convicted of any crime associated with events listed here.

Click to see larger image of Last FirebaseThe Southern Dem exercised a great deal of discretion in writing these articles. One picture not originally shown was this view of the Last Firebase which is the side that faces the Lincoln Memorial and is the view seen walking from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial towards the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Click on the thumnail for a larger image of this "tribute" to our fallen heroes.

The Southern Dem wrote in a comment:

I love the memorials in DC and I think it's a shame that the beauty of the area is marred by these huts. I was hoping you would do a story with all the pictures so folks can see how terrible these are. Almost all information I can find on them indicates they are simply for-profit businesses masquerading as non-profit veteran's groups. I hope you will get a chance to post all of the pictures you took in DC of these huts.

Well, here are those pictures and I hope it spurs you to take action before midnight Friday by submitting a Public Comment to the National Park Service to have these eyesores removed from OUR National Mall.

The comment period closes on ' 03/16/2007 at 11:59 PM.'Your comments must be submitted or postmarked by midnight Mountain Time on ' 03/16/2007 by 11:59 PM.'

To go directly to the comments form click here

This last image clearly shows the connection between Sampley's for-profit "US Veteran Dispatch" and the non-profit "Last Firebase" which sustains a large part of his income.

Again please take action before midnight Friday by submitting a Public Comment to the National Park Service to have these eyesores removed from OUR National Mall.



You're my hero.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Done and Done Greg

this is a disgrace! Thanks for pushing this Greg.

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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Sampley is also busy with trashing McCain and has started a new 527 "Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain" as an assault vehicle.

RawStory | The Hill

In a 2004 New York Times article, McCain called Sampley “one of the most despicable people I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.”

“I consider him a fraud who preys on the hopes of family members of missing servicemen for his own profit,” McCain said. “He is dishonorable, an enemy of the truth, and despite his claims, he does not speak for or represent the views of all but a few veterans.”


In case there is any doubt about how this is all connected please visit the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally webpage detailing Saturday's planned action.

Sgt. Booker stated even MORE emphatically that the Park Police consider the Wall as sacred ground, as we do, (as did Robin Owen) themselves, and that they WILL enforce any, and all laws, relevant to it's integrity.
And, any concerns we may have stemming from the non-enforcement of the law by the Capitol Police last weekend are not relevant to his Dept. They WILL arrest and prosecuted anyone who breaks the law.

4.) The Wall will be open for visiting to the general public as usual ... if any of you care to do so on that day.


The link for "more detailed information" goes to Sampley's US Veteran Dispatch website. Also some links to counter-demonstration news:

Malkin at Malkin | Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally | Rolling Thunder, Inc.

Umm portable huts aside...

I was at the Rally in Charlotte for the ProTroop Caravan. There were a LOT of nice people there. Mostly vets.

DO you actually want to deny the experience of veterans who were spit on and called names in the nation's capitol during the last "peace" protest the left held? Seriously. Before you go playing "victim" understand that Sampley aside...there are many veterans who have felt the wrath of the anti-war activists first hand.

Its funny you will denegrate and spit on your own brother Americans but when it comes to standing up for them while they do what they feel is best for this nation you treat them like dirt.

The mall is ALL ours. And if you don't like the huts, petition to have them removed. As for the monuments, I have personally seen defacement at the hands of leftists who think its is allright to spray paint, hang mocking items on what are essentially tombstones to fallen Americans and others. This is not isolated to Washington, D.C. I'm sure some of your numbers think its provocative and funny. I have to tell you it is disgusting.

I support the gathering of eagles if for no other reason that they draw a line between protesters and the monuments. You, I nor anybody has a right to trash them with grafitti, theatrical materials, or the garbage, insults, spit and bile that gets hurled at them...

What is it you are trying to say? That all servicemen and women who gave their lives were worthless trash? That the wars we've had to fight, because you find them distasteful or wrong, are subject to your sole judgement?

I have some news for the Blue staters... I find war distasteful, wasteful, and terrible. horrible. I've felt the effects from many around me... It's sad. But it is also necessary if you want to live freely.

Don't lecture about what the US has done overseas. The current conflict started by our enemies began nearly 1,200 years before the U.S. existed. It is only in the last 50 years that the U.S. has been a direct target.

Intellectuals, gotta love'em. They know just about everything...

Get over the huts. I'd rather have an eyesore that stands for vigilance and honors service, regardless of profit, (what this country is built on) than a single anti-war sign around.

I've met some of the guys you will face off with... They are in no condition to fight anybody. Some are disabled. They are going to stand vigil themselves. Most are elderly guys. Most were spit on first hand and remember. Some are from the Korean conflict and well into their 70s. You feel threatened by these grandfathers and in a few cases great grandfathers? You think they don't need those canes. I am barely able to walk sometimes and am looking at having to get one. I know how they feel. Just getting up steps can be a challenge. How dare you insinuate they would use weapons against you!

They gave a good part of their lives protecting you. And this is how you repay them? Mocking them. Making utterly horrendous remarks about a President trying to do his best in a complex world? You think anyone, any Democrat, anyone else would want the job and do it better?

You are only privileged to know a part of the intelligence and story of what is happening overseas, and not just in Iraq. You have absolutely no clue unless you go there. Meet those people. Work with them for decades. See what they are talking about. Have any of you been to Afghanistan or worked with them? Helped them against the Soviets then the Taliban. They feel trapped. With us they feel liberated. FREE. Why do you scream to free those in darfur from the same Islamic Fascists yet you have a problem with doing that in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan? People there are begging for our help. You just have no idea. They are pleading for help from our military to save them. And when we do, we get this kind of show business stunt.

You should all be ashamed of how you treat veterans and our active military. If it weren't for them, most of the left would have been marched into gas chambers by enemies over the years that want you dead. Period. You won't get that until they get here, but keep it up. If you're lucky you may learn in your lifetime. Then when the gas hits your lungs maybe you will remember what some tried to tell you. That the world is not this rosy place, that it is not our fault, and your conspiracies are whacked. When someone wants you dead you either defend yourselves or surrender. Just be aware of the consequences of surrender folks.

PS. Re ripping off veterans. We will look into that...
And if Sampley does mistreat them, that will get out there too. You are not the final arbiter of reason in this world.
I know you've all read books by brilliant celebrity minds who were basically a bunch of high school dropouts, but nevermind. Your minds are made up. Brilliant. I wonder why we even bother to defend liberals sometimes...

Concern troll?

More like asshole.

By this guy's "logic" I'd have wonder why I spent five years defending an America filled with jerk-offs like him.

Attention Vets! The 2 nd amendment is now in effect for DC?

Brilliant. I wonder why we even bother to defend liberals sometimes... *Rarivette

Well Admiral of the Swift boats. You sure pick the wrong week to stir it up and run your mouth with the so-called enemies of the State.

Sounds like you going to get screw by a simple recent Appeals Court ruling in DC. The Brothers can own guns and that includes muskets in DC. You better sandbag those profit center huts and dig deep, if the younger brothers decide they want payback for their older brothers who died in Nam for idiots like you.


The unsubstantiated story about spitting on vets has been around so long that nobody knows how the legend started. We do know that the story about spitting on the Wall started with Sampley et al and is unsubstantiated.

The Park Police will draw a line between protesters and the Wall.

If you read through these pages you will see plenty of respect and support for veterans.

RMG Is A Regular Contributor To Several Online Publications For Promoting Understanding Of Conservative Issues

I really don't think you're helping us understand here Richard. What we are talking about here is abuse of the sacrifice of veterans for self-promotion and profit.

Don't know Sampley and don't want to...

Re the post:
I am not talking about the people posting here per se... Those who are vets I support any effort to weed out the exploitation. I am talking about the International Socialists and other Communist groups who have vowed to gather at the Mall and deface the monuments.

You might have seen their organizational site and the list of these groups that don't support this country. They want us to be attacked. This is not fiction. They talk openly about it and not just online.

If the Gathering Of Eagles can keep THEM from touching the memorials then that I support. I am concerned that the far left have created the current anti-war movement, not because they support our troops and care about them, but because they want to collapse this nation. I don't have the greatest confidence in the park police, or police acting quickly enough since I myself was attacked years ago when I stood against a Fascist group trying to gather new members in a small town. There was physical violence. And groups like that, and the socialists and communists, seem to have no restraint or respect for personal safety, or sacred sites. They believe openly in violent means to their ends. And motivate others to achieve those ends by whatever means necessary. Because I have heard them with my own ears I know that they are not above bringing weapons (even though they are “peaceful”) to incite riots. Riots serve their ultimate goal. Eagles have been instructed to stay calm and just be vigilant. Not to engage those who would attack them. I hope all goes well and is orderly.

Any comment made that does not pertain personally to anyone on THIS board is not meant for you. The comments are made to join the debate. We have similar views on many things I am sure.

You may even be against this war, that does not put you in the same boat as those who would defile our nation because they disagree with policy. If you would never think of attacking a veteran (since many of you are veterans) then you actually have more in common with the bulk of those attending in the Eagles area.

To those who disagree but are adult enough to discuss it, my argument would be this war is just and should be prosecuted. And while mistakes are always made in any conflict we have to understand our enemy. I feel the enemy is not primarily here at home, not Sampley, and not even the socialists exploiting sentiment. The primary enemy is overseas and I think that needs to be the focus. All the rest is distraction. And it seems the left is once again using the debate to destroy any chance we have of protecting the US, our allies and the idea of democracy around the world.

There are plenty of far left liberals who scout these blogs and look to see what kind of support they can expect. When they see a blog like yours they believe you support their cause. You may agree with the concept but disagree with tactics or the desired results. They don't get that part. They need to know that regardless of Sampley and others like him (for profit is fine, exploitation is not), the core coming to Washington to stand there tomorrow only care about protecting the memory of servicepersons. Whether everyone in this blog is a patriot is not what I am commenting about... or their veteran status... I was commenting on anyone who would attack monuments for theatrical purposes and to demean veterans. I thought I made that clear. Since that does not pertain to most of your posters, obviously it should not be taken as an attack, especially to anybody who did serve. I hope I can talk about anarchists in general without anyone here feeling like they have been singled out...I just hope your visitors and posters understand that the groups who hope to incite violence like to count you as their ally. They think veterans who disagree with the administration agree with them. And I know that’s not the whole truth.

That's about as clear as I can make it. Now can someone explain why one has to pelt others with raw language to comment?

I do have a suggestion about the Sampley controversy. If you are able and want to supplant his profiting from veteran anguish, please start a company yourselves to develop and market the products with as little administration as possible. Compete with him, and give the profits to the very worthwhile groups you mention. There is nothing stopping you from righting a wrong by simply giving the consumers a choice. Let them know your income goes to good groups. People will catch on.

If you have not please go read the comments of the organizers of the protest marches. They would like nothing more than to tear us all down. I can't accept that... How does what I've stated make me a "troll" ? or a**hole? I don’t call people names like that. Not even communists. I may despise everything they stand for, but I still don’t attack them on a personal level. I attack their misguided beliefs.

I apologize for the name calling

I apologize for attacking you personally. I should have focused on your own "misguided" beliefs.

Back during Vietnam, the left made the mistake of confusing the troops with the insanity of American policy. That was wrong. We are not making that mistake again.

Nothing I'm aware of today has anything to do with disrespecting veterans. For you to buy into the delusion that there are armies of communists trying to dishonor American troops and veterans indicates to me that you have drunk the koolaid being proffered by people like Ted Sampley - people who seek to profit from stirring up controversy.

Are there some who want to "tear us all down?" You bet there are. Chief among them are AWOL George Bush and his chickenhawk buddies in the White House.

This controversy you're worried about is being generated by people like Sampley, who is a proven liar and con-man. His actions against Kerry and other honorable veterans are despicable. He thrives on fomenting fears that divide us. For whatever reason, you have bought that pile of bull and are spending your time fighting the wrong people. The people that need fighting now are the criminals in the White House who are killing our troops for NO GOOD REASON.

I am a veteran. My father was a veteran. My brother was a veteran. I take this very personally.

Have you had an interaction with radical Islam?

What are you talking about George Bush wants to tears us down? I don't think so guy. He inherited a gutted defense and especially an intelligence budget that abandoned many of our best networks in the Middle East. We worked from the late 1970s to build up assets that were wiped out by Clinton in less than a year. So going into this conflict we had no one willing to work with us save a few ex-patriates with their own agendas.

We had intel on WMD transfers and didn't jump on it because we spent months trying to get world consensus. I don't know Ted Sampley and his scheme but I don't doubt he has stirred up some of this rally garbage at this point. But it has grown beyond him to the greater point. There are socialist elements in this nation that work with radical Islamists to tear us all down...

What I also know from being privvy to the inside is there are groups involved (and yes the Communist movements have experienced incredible ressurgence on campuses in recent years) who would love to turn this from a simple disagreement to a bloodbath. It serves their purpose.

As for our enemies, they are not Sampley, Bush nor each other. They are the Islamic midrashic generation that has been taught to hate and destroy America. They have worked since the fall of the Ottoman empire on retaliating against the West. They have infiltrated Europe to a degree that it may be a lost cause. They have turned a great deal of Asia and Africa into hostage states and they have their sights set on us. Darfur is an extension of these same people committing genocide. We keep calling these groups different names, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, War lords, Chechens, Bosnians, etc. but they are all the same core system of Islamic belief. Destroy the West at all costs.

This war is not about what we may want to believe. It is about core faith. You can have their's or our belief that you practice the religion you want per our Constitution. I have read the Quran, Haddiths, clerical notes and have come to the conclusion that what they have been able to orchaestrate worldwide is quite incidious and brilliant for the past few hundred years since they were expelled from Spain (1492). They are very patient and have demonstrated a willingness to take defeats and move forward at a later time. We are in the middle of World War III and no one here in the US seems to know or care.

They will not back down just because we say "go to neutral corners". The administrations/mullahs will keep pushing, until there is no resistance. We better adopt a similar policy now.

Or say goodbye to the US.

I don't know what Koolaid you refer to... This Ted sounds like a bad character whatever good he once did. So I am not his disciple in any way. Regards to Bush... I have to tell you. He is just the current President. Every leader we've had going back to WWII has had to deal with this arc of events leading up to today. There's enough blame to go around no matter D or R. The finger pointing is not going to end the battle or help.

Defeating Islam in all its vicious forms will. It is a death cult. And ultimately that is what this will all be about, like it or not.

Enjoy the march. Wish I was there to witness history. Overall, I just have to ask, Ted Sampleys (profiteer - con man - liar - I get that part) aside... Just because he is your focus doesn't change the fact it is a distraction from the real issue the anti-war movement wishes to have us ignore - If the radical Islamic Fascists come here to attack us with nuclear OR conventional weapons - where do you guys stand?

so many

Fox talking points so little time.

#1 Our military was in much better shape in 2001 than it is now. Refusing to fund a war is usually more destructive than changing the structure of the military. Or are you one of those who doesnt realize the USSR is gone?
#2 Those "intelligence networks" involved funding Sadaam, Al Qaeda etc. I for one am thrilled some of that funding was shut down by Bush I and all of it by Clinton. If rummy had been in charge during the 90s we would probably still have been trying to pay Sadaam to invade Iran.
#3 Your assertions about reading the Quaran aside, do you hear what you are saying? You act like Islam is one giant monolithic terrorist orginization. Please.
#4 Your constant fear mongering is disgusting.
#5 As for your, "where do you stand?" question, I just have one thing to say. Go fuck yourself. Insulting my patriotism gets you on a short shit list. Go to hell.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"


The gentleman you are addressing (Anglico) is off-line for the weekend as he posted in the open thread. I'm sure he will respond to you, please check back Monday.
No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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Saw this on a T-shirt this week:

Damn Commies

In the 1960s there were as many FBI agents in the communist party as actual communists. I highly doubt the party even exists in any real sense today. And if it does, they wouldnt be able to do anything that couldnt be stopped by the security that is already there.

No matter what you are or arent, you are peddling in fear and distortions of history. I dont appreciate it.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

If you read thru you'll also see a lot of us are Vets!

That was a mighty powerful rant, do you feel any better now? I'm really sorry you feel this way about us, but you obviously haven't visited here before or you would know that many of us, me included, ARE Vets. Stick around Richard, let's have a calm discussion. We aren't the people that dishonor war memorials or graves, we honor our heros.

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

Progressive Discussions

Gone so soon?

Seems like they came out of the woodwork the last time SD posted on Sampley. Hmmmm

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

Progressive Discussions

Im in DC

If I can help in any way, please let me know.

jwrandolph AT gmail DOT com.


Take photos

If you can. Even with media coverage a personal viewpoint is powerful.

I finally actually

read what "Rarivette" wrote. Thats some funny stuff. What fantasy world is he living in?

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

We support Vets

The people in this equation who have denigrated the service of veterans are Ted Sampley and Vets for Truth who have attacked the military service of George Herbert Walker Bush, John Kerry, John McCain and now John Murtha.

Sampley's business model is to create political controversy first, then sell the buttons, bangles, bumper stickers and T-shirts in order to continue creating political controversy.

If Sampley had any respect for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial he would have paid the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund the $359,442.92 in royalties he owed the Fund instead of declaring bankruptcy to avoid paying.

We here at BlueNC are trying to raise awareness about the problems faced by vets. One of the issues I'm tracking is the the large number of vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with TBI (traumatic brain injury) for which the VA is ill prepared. Limited care for TBI exists in the private sector but forced retirement cuts out military insurance that might cover private care. Journalist Bob Woodruff who was injured in Iraq is trying to highlight this but few understand the impact on vets and their families.

Where do you even start with this stuff. . .

Let me just say that I am liberal, I've never served in the military (and never will), and I don't support the President in his decisions to wage never-ending war on multiple fronts on nations that have not attacked us. And that doesn't make me any damn less of a citizen in this country than any of you who've served or, in the case of our new visitor here, agree with the President.

While my pride has no bounds when it comes to those of you who have fought to protect my freedoms (and even more respect for those of you who have fought in unjust wars (I think it takes even more courage to take orders you don't believe in yourself), I won't sign on to the garbage that the Iraq conflict has ANYTHING to do with my personal freedoms. I am truly sorry for all the troops and their families who make up our vast volunteer armed forces---that they are being asked to shoulder an impossible load that didn't make sense at any point in time.

We don't always have to fight wars to protect our freedoms. That's nonsense. There are dozens of free countries in the world that NEVER fight wars. Every war we choose to fight is thus a war of choice. And we need to be careful about the choices we make. A good indicator is whether the war has to be sold to the public, as this one was with decidedly false advertising. You didn't see George HW Bush marketing Gulf War I to the UN and in speeches around the country---he didn't have to do that, because a vast majority of people were smart enough to see it from the beginning. FDR didn't have to market WWII, as I recall. You get the drift.

And I'll be the first on the left to admit that we start unjust wars when we're in power, too. We just don't do it knowingly and brazenly, and we will stop them, too.

And we'll stop this one in January of 2009.

War is over if you want it.