Wanna feel good? Part II: the hinterlands rise

In a county that prefers to remain anonymous (for strategic reasons), 63 people went door-to-door for the DNC this weekend.

They heard this from registered Democrats:

I'd like to go out and smash things in the streets.

And there were even angrier comments but we don't want to be investigated by the Department of Homeland Security.

Even more interesting, this is what they heard from Rs:

Well, I'm technically a registered Republican.

Their intonation implied that they will certainly be considering Democrats this year.

And Republicans are not hesitating to place blame within their own leadership.

They've been going door-to-door in this county for 8 years and no one had ever heard anything like this. The values issues (the A word, gay rights) were seldom mentioned.



One person told one of the canvassers that gas prices are so high at this point, they almost can't afford to go to work.

I guess gas prices will go down before November, eh?

Also, from the hinterlands:

I spent Saturday afternoon with a judge, three county officers, and candidates for clerk of court, county commissioner and district attorney.

If you like Larry Kissell, Heath Shuler, Richard Carsner, you're gonna love the future.

Among our grassroots, we're sprouting primo shrubs and trees.

Hey, powers-that-be, defenders of the corporate, soul-less status quo from either party: you ain't seen nothin' yet!


This is encouraging news

But damn I wish it wasn't about gas prices, because there's absolutely no short term solution. Bush has pissed away almost six years pretending like there's no such thing as peak oil . . . and no such thing as China. When I think about how much better off America would be if Gore had been sworn in instead of the Chimp, it almost makes me cry. Or blow something up.

NOTE TO SS: I am a pacifist. I do not blow shit up. This is rhetorial fantasy.

This is encouraging!

Thanks for going out, and for reporting back.

I showed up in chat...

I explain why there.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.