Walter Dalton's first TV ad. Thoughts?

Here's Dalton's first TV ad -- distinct from the web ad released a few weeks back.



The humor about his previous ad

... strikes me as a nice, positive touch.

Not sure about all the cutting to different scenes so quickly.


Sure is a lot more likeable than McCrory

The theme "Great jobs grow from great schools," is pretty much brilliant.

Plus the focus on name name name recognition is really smart too.

The style is not my personal cup of tea, but I think it will work for the vast majority of North Carolina voters ... who will spend a total of five minutes thinking about their vote.

NOTE TO CAMPAIGN: Time to start planting early seeds about McCrory's love-fest with Mr. Etch-a-sketch. McCrory is every bit the flip-flopper that Romney is ... maybe even more so. McCrory was all in favor of government spending on planning, for mass transit for example, before he was against it. Same with zoning. Same with equal rights for all citizens. McCrory has made exactly the same opportunistic turn to the right that Mitt Romney has made.