Wake County still battling with Legislature over electoral districts

At stake are Commissioner and School Board seats:

Election officials are asking a judge for permission to use old district lines for next year’s election of Wake County school board members and commissioners as a lawsuit continues to make its way through the court system.

In 2011, the school board and commissioners adopted new election districts that they expected would be used through 2020. But the General Assembly redrew the maps in 2013 to turn two Wake school board seats into regional districts, with each covering about half the county. In 2015, state lawmakers changed the Wake commissioner lines to match the school board districts.

This should really be a no-brainer; nothing of substance has changed since they were allowed to use the old maps in the 2016 Election. And something doesn't become "Constitutional" just because it's aged a couple years:

The new maps were set to go into effect for the 2016 election, but the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals decided in July 2016 that the General Assembly’s redistricting maps were unconstitutional. The court said the maps violated the principle of “one person, one vote” and gave an unfair advantage to voters in suburban districts.

The unconstitutional maps also put many commissioners and school board members in the same districts.

In August 2016, U.S. Chief District Court Judge James C. Dever III decided that the Wake County Board of Elections should use the 2011 districting plans for the 2016 school board and board of commissioners elections.

“During the long legislative session that included election matters and redistricting (including a special session in October 2017), the General Assembly had every opportunity to revise the districting plans for the School Board and the Board of Commissioners to reflect their policy decisions,” the motion said.

I had a conversation early this week where somebody asked me about all the pending court cases dealing with GOP overreach, and it took me a good twenty minutes to both remember and briefly explain them. I forgot about this particular case, and no doubt at least a few others. That alone is evidence Republicans are completely out of control.