Wake County Commissioner Candidate Goes Off the Deep End

Local politics is so much fun. None of the scripted plays of the national level. Take this gem dug up by WakePol for example...

Republican County Commission candidate, Micheal Luther, has asked to debate the School Board. Luther apparently does not feel like debating his primary opponent and incumbent, Tony Gurley, since they are "friends". The School Board was needless to say shocked:

[School Board Member Carol Parker]I'm surprised at your request to debate the school board — generally when you run for office you debate your opponent. Each of us have been through campaigning and were elected by the voters.

And Luther's full reason for not wanting to debate his actual opponent:

Tony Gurley and I are friends. We support the same positions. I am a more hard line conservative than Tony. I am trying to push him farther right if he wins. ... My issues are with the board of education. The board of commissioners control the purse strings and I will cut off the board of education budget if they do not listen to the people.

So, I ask why he did not run for school board if that is where his beef is.


Is this guy trying to lose?

It appears so. We have some crazies in Charlotte...but I've never seen anything like this.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

A Debate time has been arranged?

Naw, he is not nuts! He is just like Brother Vernon! Wants
free media and lots of attention along with missing his weeky
therapy session.

I just send him e-mail offering to debate him behind
a dumpest located at the School Board offices
at midnight.
I also phone the cops that a pervert was hanging around
a dumpest at the School Board muttering something about
blowing away Tony butte in debate.