A voucher by any other name

If the voters don't like what you're trying to do, just call it something else:

The N.C. Association of Educators posted a video of House Majority Leader Paul Stam warning supporters not to refer to private school tax credits as vouchers. "The term voucher polls way below tax credit," he said. "So get it out of your vocabulary."

That's because the term "tax credits" is associated with a wide range of issues, not just the dismantling of the public school system.

If supporters called them vouchers, he said, their mothers should wash their mouths out with soap.

I'm sure their mothers would be considerably more pissed off if they caught their children engaging in lies and deceit on a grand scale.


The video is here

on the front page of NCAE'S website, but I can't seem to grab an embed code from it.

Stam Video

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