Virginia Foxx is a Racist

2006: The Return of the Racist Republican
With Republicans having proved their complete incompetence at governing the United States and with no record left to run on but fear, the 2006 mid-term elections are already making this the year of the racist Republican. Several of Republican’s favored candidates nationwide, including Virginia, Florida, Tennessee, Utah, Montana, and North Carolina are running openly racist campaigns.
Our own Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (NC-5) is the closest example of a conservative Republican relying on nothing but her unashamed racism in order to appeal to a conservative population.

Virginia Foxx is a Racist
Firstly, as New Orleans drowned one year ago and we lost our greatest city, while Bush cut cake with Senator John McCain, Virginia Foxx was one of just 11 members of congress (all Republicans) to vote AGAINST sending federal aid to the Gulf. She cast aside the millions of drowning, starving, dying people of the Gulf. She then squirmed around and lied about “accountability provisions,” as her reason for voting against it, and offered instead to pray for the poor bastards. However, she’d already voted for a tinier aid package with far fewer accountability provisions, but then we forgot about it because there were 1000s of people dying on TV and nobody was doing anything! She lied, and people died, suffered, and continue to suffer because of her refusal to help afflicted minorities.

Secondly, Virginia Foxx was one of a handful of congress-critters this year to vote AGAINST renewing the seminal 1965 Voting Rights Act, which protects Americans’ ability to vote regardless of race, class, or color, or creed. Virginia Foxx would rather the darkies go back to being happy slaves, as she blames her decision on discrimination against southern whites!?

Thirdly, this year Virginia Foxx held a hearing in Winston-Salem on undocumented Hispanic workers. That hearing was called “Gangs, Fraud, and Sexual Predators: Struggling with the Complications of Illegal Immigration.

Virginia Foxx not only doesn’t care about black people, she doesn’t care about brown people, or anybody who is not as white and faux-Christian as Pat Buchanan. (It should be noted that Buchanan is leading the racist way, arguing in his new book for "an immediate moratorium on all immigration," in order to preserve the dominance of the white race in America.)

After she was released from Appalachian State University in a swirl of controversy, the Foxx’s rise through the Republican ranks has been uncanny.
It is because Virginia Foxx is a racist. It sounds harsh, and it is certainly a serious critique to level against a public figure. I don’t call Virginia Foxx a racist lightly, or because I want my congressional representative to fear diversity. But I do say it sincerely.
Virginia Foxx is a racist.
Ill say it again.
If she votes like a racist…
If she refuses to guarantee African-Americans and Hispanics basic voting rights in the United States of America in the year 2006…
If she justifies her vote by blaming it on prejudice against southern whites…
If she refuses to send aid to minority populations decimated by Hurricane Katrina while we spend $250,000,000 a day killing Arabs in Iraq…
If she calls undocumented Hispanic workers “sexual predators”…
If she takes $15,000 from criminal GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff, which was made by ripping off Native American tribes, and then refuses to return that money…
…Virginia Foxx is a racist.

But WHY?!
Psychologically, “conservatism” is a “set of neuroses rooted in "fear and aggression, dogmatism and the intolerance of ambiguity," according to a 2003 study funded by the US government. A student looking at today’s conservative Republican government would be sad, but academically honest, in casting a similar diagnosis on the modern Republican Party. This mid-term election year, as many have noted, the GOP is betting its electoral chances on one thing – racism. After discovering its’ own incompetence at governing a nation, the Republicans are once again turning the deepest and darkest psychological caverns of the American population by running several federal and state campaigns based on racism, as well as issues based on racism, and sometimes not so subtly. Sadly, their racist rhetoric follows the Republican precedent of the last 60 years.


The Rise of the Racist Republican
Opposition to the civil rights movement gave rise to the modern Republican Party. Racist Democrats began joining the Republicans as early as the 40s, when it appeared the Democrats were beginning to soften their formerly hard-line racial views. In 1948, a prominent southern Democratic senator named Strom Thurmond broke from the Party to run a losing campaign for President on a segregationist ticket. Over the course of the next two decades however, Thurmond would give political clout to southern racists, leave the Democratic Party, and join forces with the Republican Party forever. He would also be widely recognized as a key element to Nixon’s racist “Southern Strategy” in 1968.
Thurmond of course, spoke white power while secretly fathering a bi-racial daughter he had with a 16 year old African-American. Strom Thurmond was a GOP senator until just 3 years ago, and remains a fitting symbol for the deep hypocrisy and underlying racist strategy of the modern Republican Party.

New Orleans…one year later
The memories of New Orleans before the storm, for those of us lucky enough to have been there, will forever be cherished. The nightmarish hysteria while nature unleashed hell on the Big Easy will (and should) forever haunt us. Dead and anonymous bodies lining the flooded streets. Mass confusion. The looting. Giant trees ripped from the earth battering through historic mansions. The ninth Ward. The bridge over Lake Ponchatrain. The drowned cemeteries. The Quarter. Jackson Square. Cafe Du Monde. Street performers. Destroyed. Gone. Forever. Probably dead.
Then, as you watch hell unleashed, you learn that the guy in charge of handling all this, FEMA’s Michael Brown, is only qualified for emergency management because he is the former head of an Arabian horse league and that the Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff doesn’t understand that he’s the one in charge of federal response, and that he is learning from a live NPR interviews about the NOLA convention center, filled with thousands of people dying from thirst and hunger and trauma! You learn that while the our most culturally colorful city is destroyed beyond recognition, George W. Bush isn’t grabbing the bullhorn and uniting us and telling us that it will be OK, and that we will fix everything because we are America. NO! There’s no war to ratchet up support for, and George W. Bush is busy playing country music star with some fake teeny-bopper cowboy/songwriter, and cutting birthday cake with John McCain in Arizona while America is losing its greatest city!!! And then the Republicans blame the locals?
The federal government is silent while anarchy and pandemonium and looting become the necessity for survival on the streets. You see families hunched on the pinnacles of their rooftops hoping their house doesn’t wash away, and they’ve been waiting there for three days for someone to help!?! While New Orleans and the entire Gulf are swallowed into the ocean, the media runs images of black people “looting” and white-people “finding food.

Question: Would this have happened in St. Augustine Florida?
Answer: No way in hell. That’s a white city full of retired Republican voters. It sure didn’t happen when Hurricane Charley hit in 2004.But, Louisiana isn’t really a swing state like Florida is, and last year wasn’t really an election year like 2004 was.

And what do we have a year later? A scapegoat, as always, that’s for sure. Michael Brown, (or “heckuva-job Brownie”, as Bush says), the former head of FEMA, is now a household word synonymous with incompetence. Thousands upon thousands of wrecked and splintered homes remain untouched. Thousands of people remain displaced. Thousands remain hungry. Thousands of human souls and families with children have become wandering ghosts, American refugees in our own country!
The absence of competence from this good-old-boy federal government pours through each day like water into the attic.
Bush recently made a visit back to the Gulf to celebrate his photo-op from 5 days after the storm last year. A local pancake joint would offer another great place for a photo-op

“As Bush tried to squeeze his way through narrow spaces between tables, waitress Joyce Labruzzo, asked him: "Mister President, are you going to turn your back on me?"

"No, ma’am," Bush said, with a laugh and a pause. "Not again."

As I swallow my anger at his snide joke, I just think about how reassured Joyce must feel. Maybe Bush isn’t an incompetent President after all. PLUS, he got in that great photo-op with those black kids! I guess he’s down with diversity (even though none of the top 20 officials at the White House, save one Hispanic, are anything but pearly white.)

But its not just stark raving nutcases like Foxx
But its not just stark raving nutcases like Foxx that are daily embarrassing the national Republican Party by letting their coded language become braver and their tongues slip a little bit more.
It is candidates like 2008 GOP Presidential favorite George Allen. Allen recently called a young American of Indian descent a “macaca” in front of an all white Virginia crowd. Macaca is a racial slur meaning “monkey/monkey boy,” although some of Allen’s top notch GOP staffers were able to clarify that it wasn’t racist and actually translated to “sh*t-head.” I guess they think they’ll be working for the President some day. “Welcome to America, and the real world of Virginia,” Allen told the young man (who coincidentally, was born-and-raised in America and the real world of Virginia.) Allen is from California.

The national Republican Party, rather than repudiate Allen’s racial slur, was happy to reward it. The next week President Bush gleefully punished Senator Allen with a fundraising visit to help in his failing Senate campaign this year against Democratic hopeful Jim Webb (who was Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy.)
In Florida, Republican Senatorial candidate Katherine Harris decided that Jews, Mormons, atheists and deists were no longer qualified for public office (sorry Thomas Jefferson!) Harris Says, “…if you're not electing Christians, then in essence you are going to legislate sin." Fortunately, Harris will never have a chance to legislate much of anything, as she is garnering less than 30% of the vote in a state that usually votes for Republicans in statewide races.
Tramm Hudson, the Republican aiming to replace Harris in her old congressional seat, let voters know he would carry their racist torch into congress. “I’m from Alabama,” he said, “and I know from my own experience, that blacks are not the greatest swimmers, and may not even know how to swim.” Thanks for that scientific analysis Dr. Moreaux!
At a conservative Baptist church in Mississippi, the congregation voted out a 12-year-old boy who "asked Jesus to live in his heart" — because the child is biracial and church members didn’t want the black side of his family attending with him.
Rush Limbaugh, who has a racist history of his own has people calling people of Vietnamese descent “gooks” on his show.
White House spokesperson and former Fox News anchor Tony Snow says that “racism is no longer a big deal.” Snow, however, talked about “tar-babies” in one of his first press conferences earlier this year.
Utah State Senator Chris Buttars (R) says that he “thinks Brown v. Board of Education is wrong to begin with.

Now, inevitably, some Republican trying to change the subject from his/her party’s racist record will bring up one of three things…

The three things
1) More Republicans than Democrats voted for the 1965 Voting Rights Act.
That is a fact. However, that was at a time when those southern racist Democrats known as “Dixie-crats” such as Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms, were still in the Democratic Party. After learning that the Democratic Party wasn’t just intent on protecting white power, Southern racist Democrats such as Thurmond and Helms left the party and became full-blown racist Republicans – never to look back. The 2006 renewal of this same Voting Rights Act is quite telling; 33 (of 435) congressional representatives voted against it. This time the ALL in opposition were Republicans.

2) Republicans are running three prominent African-Americans this year.
Congratulations! I commend your drastic improvement! But why are you making such a big deal about it? There are literally 100s of races for Governor, Congress, and Senate each year. Three candidates is all you can do? Want a cookie? Ignoring the fact that each candidate is handily behind in the polls, if they won they would be your first two black governors and second senator since reconstruction. Oh yeah, and Bush talked to the NAACP for the first time in 6 years. Some record of race relations!

3) Robert Byrd was in the KKK
Again, this is a fact. However, unlike Thurmond, Byrd denounced the KKK and apologized for his involvement with it more than 50 years ago. Bush thinks laws passed before 1978 are ”archaic”, and you are trying to stick an 89 year old man and modern champion of civil rights as a racist? Nice try. Yeah, he also used the “n-word” in 2001…while talking about white people. If Republicans were really concerned, they’ll try worrying about all those people still in their party who never converted from the KKK.

Take Republican Congressional Candidate James L. Hart in TN-8 for example (TN-8 is right outside of Memphis by the way.) According to the AP, Hart vows to work toward keeping ``less favored races'' from reproducing or immigrating to the United States. In campaign literature, Hart contends that ``poverty genes'' threaten to turn the United States into ``one big Detroit.'' Charming candidate these Republicans are running!
Our own Senator Liddy Dole (R-NC) LOVES to campaign with the racist Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT).
But, he hates black people:

Back in 1994, while campaigning for a second term, Senator Burns dropped by a local newspaper, The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, and told an editor an anecdote about one of his constituents, a rancher who wanted to know what life was like in Washington.

Mr. Burns said the rancher asked him, "Conrad, how can you live back there with all those niggers?"

Senator Burns said he told the rancher it was "a hell of a challenge."

The anecdote was published, and Senator Burns apologized. When he was asked why he hadn't expressed any disapproval when the rancher used the word nigger, the senator said: "I don't know. I never gave it much thought."

What a COWBOY! This is the same guy who tells working women that its ‘OK” to lose their jobs to outsourcing because they can just go home and be housewives. This is the same guy who calls Arabs “ragheads.” Burns is running against Montana’s state senate leader and well known organic farmer Jon Tester.
Democrats have not always been the party of inclusion and diversity, but we lost our racist elements to the GOP beginning in the 40s, and have been the only party to elect African Americans to congress since then. The one exception is former Oklahoma Congressman J.C. Watts (who declined to join the congressional black caucus, calling them “race-hustling poverty pimps.”) Democrats, on the other hand, have elected America’s only African-American governor Doug Wilder, in the former capital of Confederacy – Virginia. There are also currently 45 members of the Congressional Black Caucus (all Democrats), as well as one black Senator (a Democrat).
Our elected officials aren’t always perfect, and America is still learning to recover from a seriously racist and segregated past. However, as a whole, Democrats are working to reconcile that racist past with equal opportunity in the present. Republicans are using 2006 to celebrate the racial divisions in America (Hispanic/Caucasian…anyone…?) and to exploit the delicate and exposed wounds of racial division, particularly in the south. Democrats will never run on racial discrimination, and that scares some Republicans, because they know that the majority of America is on our side.



Thanks for letting me vent

This diary is the compilation of the work of a lot of different peple and bloggers who did a lot of the work to bring it together.

Virginia Foxx is a bitch. And she's running against Democrat Roger Sharpe in NC-5

I should also mention...

Bush took NC-5 with 66%

Foxx underpreformed and only took 59%. So, thats to our credit right?

Wow JW

Great piece. It's something we all know is true about Foxx from her votes, but to see it so passionately delivered with nice graphics is pretty powerful. Voted for front page.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Much Obliged

An extra lump of sugar for your coffee!

Virginia Foxx is a racist.

The earth is a sphere.

The sun is far away.

My kids like chocolate.

Dogs lick themselves.

All pretty self-evident, yet only one of these is ignored by the broader media. I wonder which one?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


Not sure I'd care for an in-depth story on dogs lickin themselves.

But its really funny how non-existent media coverage is on all these supernaturally important gaffes of hers. even locally. nothing!

excellent work, jw


Beautiful and complete.

So the question for the 5th district voters is this:

Do you want a proven racist representing you in Washington?

I know of areas in Virginia where flashing your racist credentials is the ticket to power. That's certainly what Macaca Allen thinks.

Is NC-5 one of those areas?


That is a great frame. But the media has done such a poor job of covering her first tenure that it would almost take some "softening up" before anybody would even listen to the accusation?

You know what I mean? This is a big bullet, but by now youre shooting at a battleship that hasnt had to deal with an confrontational challenges.


...never got around to answering that last question.

NO! NC-5 is NOT one of those areas. It is very consevative, going 66% for Bush, like i said. But Foxx UNDER performed here. She also almost lost in a 2004 primary to Vernon Robinson.

She is most certainly NOT a good fit for the district however, which is very split. Kucinich won Watauga County in the dem primary with 51% in 2004. The Dems here are very progressive, and the conservatives are most certainly not THAT extreme. Perhaps a little too forgiving.

I don't know. Roger Sharpe is an amazing candidate, but he got in the game late. I serious Democrat could challenge her if they got started early.

Maybe we could stage a Sharpe week

where we spend all week writing about the district and the candidate (and slamming the old Foxx for sure) with lots of linking to all the blogs we can find and a steady stream of LTEs timed to coincide with some Sharpe events.

Consider a wheelbarrow full of real honest-to-god horseshit peppered with twenty or thirty filthy stinky dollar bills. Roll that wheelbarrow up to the offices of every paper and radio station in the district. Pass out photos. Write your own headline.

Foxx takes dirty money. That stinks.

Im designating 9-19

Tuesday september 19th is ROGER SHARPE day.

Love the wheelbarrow idea. Ill pass it by roger.

Ill diary it next week.

thanks Anglico!

All letters to the editor would be greatly appreciated! Today Foxx is in Forsyth to talk to the National Association of Retired Federal Employees about her stay in Iraq. The LTE's slammed her after she said all is going well in Iraq. So she is trying to wiggle out of that statement.

Next week is a huge event to piggy-back LTE's on Roger's events. Roger is taking a 12 County Tour over the course of two days. Roger will visit each county, give a stump speech, and challenge Foxx to a public debate. We could use all support - whether presence at an event or presence in the opinion column - next week.

Have you seen this? For the Winston-Salem Journal to even ask this question now - after the momentum we have created and the public outcry against Foxx and her statements on the war - shows that things are looking bright in the 5th District!

Drew Lumpkin
Campaign Manager
Roger Sharpe for Congress 2006


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sorry about that.

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Done and Done! Interesting article! There is NOTHING on it up in Boone.

I wonder about Wilkes County?

I seem to recall that Vermin..

ran against Foxx by saying she was too liberal. That should suggest that the region is actually fairly conservative. Considering she was a local representative before that and Republicans knew her record, yet they still believed the liberal hype and voted against her.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


...its funny. She did used to be more liberal. Now, thats not sayin a whole lot, but a lot of folks are saying "she aint the same as she used to be when she was up here."

She has taken money from GLBT groups, used to be somewhat of a feminist I understand and apparently has a penchant for sleeping around (which HAS to be liberal right? I mean, look at us.) :)

She also used to be fairly decent on the environment. Pretty reasonable it sounds like. I've only been following her since 2004. She's been rediculous since then.

You just ruined me...


and apparently has a penchant for sleeping around

Same scowl...

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

or else NOT so liberal!!!

oh my god!
thats priceless.

Sleeping around?

Are you kidding me? She's a two bagger if I have ever seen one. A, why don't you explain that to the children.


"sleeping around"?

well, there went my shredded wheat.

i mean, we know that foxx is figuratively in bed with the usual neocon suspects, but... but... i... umm... eww.

it's like what george carlin said several years ago - "ever notice that the women who are against abortion are the women that you wouldn't want to (BLEEP) in the first place?" (i think he also said, referring to someone else, "i wouldn't (BLEEP) her with a stolen (BLEEP)!")

To be fair...

...lets go ahead and assumer her "better days" are behind her.

My better days

are "behind" me too. As a woman with a few extra years of maturity and more than a few extra pounds let me just say...Ginny Foxx????.....EWWWWWWWWWWW

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

As a young dude just coming into his prime...

I'd like to join you in your disgust.
And I'd like to take you out for a drink! you kick serious Hayes ass!

< / faux machismo>

But i meant the thing about kickin Hayes ass! :) digitally of course.


I could take him. I think I've pushed myself away from the table a few more times than he has. ;)

Click on the hat to see all Citizen Journalist files

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


But has anybody ever offered you a $100,000 dinner?

See...poor ol' Hayes has tough decisions to make! :)

snarking aside:
I am SOO impressed with you, and with larry, and with the other local bloggers who have made this a national campaign with complete and widespread netroots support, DCCC support, and movement support. I look forward VERY much to reading "HOW WE WON" on 11/8 (coincidentally, in districts 11/8).
But mostly from yall.
thats exciting!

Please forgive me for

this expression, but I have to say DITTO!! You guys are the best.



Just out of curiousity...

What is the formula for getting on the frontpage? This one seems to have gotten more comments than some other ones I've done that were put up there, and i'd assume a couple rec's.
Is it just too cranky for an AM blogger? :)

thanks yall. Its comforting to know that Foxx's idiocy and bitchfullness is well known across our great state!

It should be on the front page?

Maybe it has slid down the page? What story are you seeing?

Before the U.S. invasion, the CIA said Saddam Hussein had only circumstantial ties with several al Qaeda members. Osama bin Laden rejected the idea of forming an alliance with Hussein and viewed him as an enemy of the jihadist movement because the Ira

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

there it is!

The guerilla story and then Taylor's big oil connections were up there without this in the middle.

Thanks! I dont so much care that it got there, I was just curious about how that happens.

ah shoot, my sig line sucks

ah shoot, my sig line sucks and it is adding italics to everything

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


(its magic)

It took...

three /em to make it stop ; )

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Front pagishness

My understanding is there are two paths to the front page.

1. Recommendations by readers
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I think this entry got both.


Does it take more rec's here than at Mydd (aka...2?) :)

You guys rock. I didn't mean to sounds like a prima donna or something. Thanks for the help :)

I think it may be 3 or 4 recs.

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I miss Lance

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No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

The accountability

The accountability provisions were the right idea. Even if she lied, and no matter what her reason was, she was right in the end. The level of fraud down there with aid funds was staggering and cannot be ignored, and should not be spun.

I know how tempting it is to blurt out how she voted against the aid, because it makes her look bad, but it's no better than berating someone for voting against the USA Patriot Act without acknowledging their reasons for doing so as having a degree of merit.

I will not defend her beyond that.


1. She'd already voted against another smaller aid package with far fewer accountability provosions

2. There was a lot of fraud, unfortunately. BUT, just because there was fraud (like there is with any program anywhere, particularly underfunded programs) doesn't mean that there wasn't also a desperate need for federal aid in the gulf to help people stay alive and to help rebuild the community.

3. She didn't vote against the Patriot Act, and I'gladly berate her for that to. :)

4. As far as I know, everybody who has voted against it was able to give ample reasons for their doing so.