A vigil for Virgil

UNC campus police have an opportunity tonight to show what they've learned about managing protests, thanks to an uplifting event sponsored by Youth for White Supremacy. The speaker is Virgil Goode, xenophobe of the highest order, who will make the case for oppressing brown people on behalf of Jesus.

Always happy to share his unique interpretations of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, Goode is famously known for his opposition to the infiltration of Congress by Muslims.

"If American citizens don't wake up and adopt the Virgil Goode position on immigration there will likely be many more Muslims elected to office and demanding the use of the Quran."

Protesters will be out in full force, and that means campus cops are between a rock and a hard place. If they manage the crowd effectively, they'll shine a bright light on their failure last week at the Tancredo event. If they fail again to maintain order, they'll demonstrate that they're incapable of doing their jobs.

I hope it all goes well. Every time Virgil Goode opens his mouth, he pushes a few moderate Republicans and Independents out of the increasingly irrelevant Republican Party.


Then I say, Blather on Goode!

Boy I hope that WRAL is there giving him coverage, they do like those Republicans, the crazier the better! (Have you ever read the comments left in their blogs?)

Do like their weather team

but the rest of their news is too skewed for me, I depend on BlueNC for accurate political news, all the rest is just not that important to me anymore.

UNC Community: Be There

Youth for Western Civilization is the sponsor of former Rep. Goode's paid appearance this evening at The Student Union auditorium, 6:30 - 8:30 pm.

The UNC community-- those allied against immigrant-bashing and hate speech-- are entitled to exercise their First Amendment rights individually or collectively in an appropriate fashion. Just as Mr. Goode enjoys similar rights to propound hate speech. I'd urge those of you who are opposed to -- or in agreement with-- Mr. Goode to attend this event.

Youth for Western Civilization? Here's an overview of its history from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

As to Mr. Goode's views on our secular nation, read here as reported by Fox News.

John Quincy Adams declined to take his presidential oath on a Bible. He said the Bible should be reserved for religious purposes.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg swore on a Hebrew Bible.

Welcome to UNC, Mr Goode.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, or T.J. as he was affectionately known by his slaves, called his process of removing the parts of the Bible he disagreed with (the Old Testament, virgin birth, miracles, resurrection) "picking diamonds out of a dung pile" and essentially said that he thought Christianity was one of the worst things to ever infect the human brain.

He wouldn't even be elected to city council nowadays (and not because he owned slaves), yet he was President. Amazing.

"The natural wage of labor is its product." -- Benjamin R. Tucker
A liberal is someone who thinks the system is broken and needs to be fixed, whereas a radical understands it’s working the way it’s supposed to.

James, not one word about the demonstrators?

You say the police will have a chance to redeem themselves? How about SDS and their ilk? Will they behave like adults in a democracy or again like children who believe in free speech only for speech they like? You have written a number of comments about this and are letting the protestors who got out of hand off the hook. Shame on you.

There are plenty of people piling on

to keep the protesters on the hook, so to speak. I have said they were out of line.

Why are you letting the police off the hook?

you mentioned in passing....

...in your first post on the subject that the protestors were wrong, but your heart didn't seem in it, it appeared to me you added that because you felt you had to. You seemed pretty jolly about the whole thing the morning after it happened.

It appears to me to go without saying that if that SDS bunch hadn't gotten disruptive and violent, including a broken window, the police wouldn't have had to do a thing. I blame the protestors that got out of hand 100% and hope Chancellor Thorp takes appropriate action, including criminal charges if warranted. Police shouldn't even be needed to keep order at a political event, this isn't a bananna republic. But I'm sure SDS made it known beforehand they were going to rumble, that is part of their MO, so the police were there, ready. I won't argue police tactics with you, I don't know what is procedure or not. I'm sure the department will investigate if needed.

I realize those who got violent and disruptive were a small part of the larger group that wanted to demonstrate and that the majority were reasonable, peaceful folks and were not there to disrupt, but to ask him some hard questions, all well and good. But a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch so now the right-wingers can rail that "the liberals hate free speech!" knowing that the SDS crowd got the headlines and the peaceful folks were not even noticed. Thanks again, SDS.

The far left, Code Pink, ANSWER, SDS, the other little splinters, needs to clean up its act. It is not their beliefs I quarrel with, even if I disagree with them, I welcome those ideas in peaceful, democratic debate or in electoral politics.

But I guess the larger question for me is: why the need to protest two losers anyway? Tancredo ran for President and got nowhere even among the far right and the GOP ended nominating a man who conservatives viewed a total sell-out on immigration, despite what his actual views are (I'm not sure at this point).
Goode was defeated by a young progressive in a fairly conservative district. They are LOSING, not WINNING and they will continue to lose; the country is moving AWAY from their ideas on immigration, not TOWARDS them. Let them blather on and on and on. It only makes reasonable Americans who have some legitimate concerns about how we can fix our broken immigration system without just opening the door and letting everyone come in see that Tancredo and Goode's prescriptions won't work either and that we need comprehensive immigration reform and not just patchwork plans from either side.

Instead of wasting time protesting a couple losers, have a seminar on immigration and the contributions sucessive waves of immigrants have made and will continue to make to this country. I know, I grew up in a neighborhood that was almost totally populated with families headed by first or second generation Italian immigrants. Teach others who don't know about these things and show them how new immigrant groups are contributing too.

Oh, but I guess that's pretty lame ho-hum stuff and doesn't give SDS a chance to show their stuff and protest "hate speech." It also takes some organizing, more than painting a few signs and memorizing some slogans.

And if it is too late to plan an event, stay home and read and a good book and pretend Virgil Goode doesn't even exist. The best response to speech you don't like is to ignore it.