The View From Where I Sit. Leadership Is Needed!



I have to be honest with all of you. I did have a subject all fixed up to go to print. Then I read Robert's Comment so I threw that back on the wood pile and decided to go with this. I tell ya, the more I hang around with all of you the smarter I get. I sorta dread the day Robert & I ever meet up eyeball to eyeball cause it will be expensive because one will have to supply the scotch & the other the cigars! haha! Any how Thanks for the support Robert! To just be blunt & to the point in my Scot-Irish upbringing mountain way ,Our Leadership has Gone To Hell,Came Back & Gone again! No, No! I am not refering to our current military leaders ,But of our civilian goverment leaders. In 2006 & 2008 , we Democrats MUST, take back our goverment starting at the state & Local Level all the way to the White House! I truly fear what may come to pass if we dont accomplish this task at hand. It is a proven fact that the current VA Budget with fail! Why? Well, the 07 is based upon the 04 & the 04 on 02. Now, the 04 budject had a major shortfall and services had to be cut back on. The other day the US Senate voted all in favor to pass the VA Budget. However, realizing the current state of affairs, Sen Snowden asked for a admendment of $1 billion to be added in case of shortfall. Well, this gets shot down ,Burr & Dole both voteing Nay to it . But the most supriseing fact of all is that just 1 day later as reported @ ,Lizzy Dole comes out all in favor and asking for a bi-partisan amendment to add the money. Must be OK as long as it is her idea. What will be the effects of this 07 budget on veterans? Well, going on reports from other sources from the GAO, VA and others by Mid 2008 & 2009 more than 200,000 of us will be forced out of the system. You know who goes first dont you? Well, after discussions with other veterans it will most likely start with the Iraq /Afghan vets as they will be newest in the system and slowly filter it's way down to us in the Priorty Group 4 & 5 of the Vietnam Era. The current Bush Administration plan calls to use the VA Hospitals & Centers in all states to treat the Bird Flu and even to have drive thru service. Iraq and Afghanistan are quickly if not already turning into a war run by politicans just like the 12 years we spent in Vietnam with some idiot in charge in Congress & the White House calling the shots on where to go & where not to go. If Nixon had of had the guts to carry thru on Operation Linebacker and the rubublican House & Senate had of back it we could have been out of Nam years eariler. But know ,He had to play the political game at the Peace Talks. The average life expendency of a young 1st Lt. arriveing incountry in Nam was only 21 days if he did not learn to quickly listen to his NCO's. Nothing has changed now! Mr. (Hey, I was AWOL) Bush is the President, Mr. (Hey,I got 5 seperate college deferments) Cheney are in charge. (And no I fully support my friends in college). But as it turns out, Donald ,The Rummy player at DOD is the only certified veteran. Now old man ,ex-president Bush was a flyer but crashed or got shot down. As far as Ive found out G.K. Butterfield is a Vietnam Vet. I have spoken with many good folks within the past few months since becomming a Veterans Advocate & service Officer and I think Robert will be proud of me as it would appear I am also turning ito quite the Veterans activist fighting for rights & benifits. I am not here just to assist & help the people of my area but anyone from anywhere in this great state who is haveing toroubble. We need to get more of our North State Democrats involved in this work. Unlike me you dont have to belong to a veterans organization, just take the Basic Training course ($140) from National Veterans Legal Services. This is just one more way to put Dems back into control. Never forget!, When the politicians call the shots and are in control ,YOUR,Yes Your politicians, as you pay the tax's that pay them then is is just like the War in Vietnam all over again. The Military Officers are then not in control of useing their intell and makeing their own decisions. This has to change, WE MUST HAVE A BLUE USA!!!!!   To see the issues I dont bring up here to post go to my group site @



Thanks, Daniel

I agree that things have got to change.

PS: I plan to use this line--

cause it will be expensive because one will have to supply the scotch & the other the cigars!

--it's great! I laughed out loud.