Vernon and the FEC

Jay Ovittore has discovered some very interesting information about Vernon Robinson's campaign contributions. It seems that 10 contributors to Vernon's campaign gave more than the legal limit. Jay has filed a complaint with the FEC and if you visit his site you can see the letter the FEC sent in response.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Jay! My favorite line from his blog:

My whole point of this and my other attacks on Robinson for Congress is, why would you vote for someone who wants to go to Washington and make laws, yet in the campaign stage can not follow the existing laws themselves?


Look out Verny

They're coming after you!

Another day

another crooked Republican doing whatever it takes to gain power, even if what it takes is flat-out cheating and lying. Way to go, Vermin.

More than crooked

He's a lot more than crooked. He's a bigoted opponent to almost every minority in the US, including women and LGBT folk. I really hope the FEC has a backbone on this one and gets him out of this race in the 13th District.

(History: My hard feelings for Robinson and his politics go back to April 2004, when he was lame enough to spend his time during the 5th District Republican primary race to protest my protest of the anti-gay BSA membership and leadership policies. You'd think that a 50-some year old candidate for Congress might have better things to do with his time than protest some high schooler who had just turned 18 and wanted to speak his mind, lol)

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