U.S. Senate Debate Thread & Live Blog

Tune in tonight to discuss the debate responses from your favorite candidate. I'll even dust the rust off and try my hand at live-blogging the event.

If any of them wink into the camera you gotta chug!


Ann Worthy

Is James Worthy's Mom?


Me too.

Had to relaunch my browser. That did it.

I got it

Thanks for setting this up


has god given ability. Oh boy.

Lewis' theme

I'm different.

Marshall's theme

Law n' order, solving problems, transparency. Sounds, appropriately, folksy.


A totally different perspective to what's going on in politics, fresh new face


Energy and optimism about the future of the state. Together.

Will hold Burr accountable in this campaign (nice move).

I think holding Burr accountable

is important, but don't believe that is the most distinguishing feature, because all 3 have taken efforts to hold him accountable already by ways of e-mails and actions.


Heard that earlier today that Cunningham would say that.

Marshall on jobs

Need to stop loss of jobs ... including government jobs.

Then invest in new jobs. We have a crumbling infrastructure, need to repair. And then be thinking about the next economy (energy).


Misuses the term legislature (means legislation). This could be a problem.


I'm more impressed than I thought I would be. good for her

Cunningham sounds the most senatorial

may or may not be an asset in an "anti-politics" election.

Gets specific on proposals.

Optimism (hit that point twice now)

I do like that Cunningham is

hitting the optimism point. Excited voters turn out to vote.

Marcus' work

really is impressive.

On health reform

Marshall: Happy with some of the elements of health reform. Need fixes with regard to accountability on services and pricing, need to look differently at exchanges (especially here in North Carolina).

Worthy: what we have is good, will do good, glad to see education components ... can't think of what should be added. Concerned about "tax if you don't buy insurance."

Cunningham: Focuses on rising costs of premiums, which cost us jobs and raises. This legislation gives 120,000 small businesses tax credits. Good for seniors (closing donut hole). Goes after Burr again. (Legislation shouldn't have taxed health benefits, should have included opportunities to negotiate drug prices.)

Williams: it's important that we sustain what we have. Focuses on mental health. Armed with facts on loss of insurance. We had to do something.

Lewis: I supported the public option. Also armed with facts re: coverage and pre-existing and small business. I once ran a small business ... the current system was unsustainable. We have to get control of healthcare costs. We need innovation (Duke: Just for us delivers better care at lower costs.)

No rebuttals.

Wonder if my DADT repeal question

will get asked? It was submitted well before the deadline.

Not that I don't like economy questions (middle class/small business/jobs) & health care reform questions, but I hope the questions get a little more diverse.

Ease the burden on small businesses

Worthy: Incentives for businesses to establish growth wages (I'll take some.)

Cunningham: Ties back to "voices of North Carolina" video series. The first challenge is access to credit, banks are still unstable and are not lending. Markets haven't thawed. We need to stabilize lending. Hiring tax credits (I'll take some.) Capital gain tax breaks.

Williams: (Not sure I understand what he's proposing). Balance the budget. I have balanced 17 budgets. You need discipline.

Lewis: Businesses are suffering. We need to act in a decisive way. Building schools, building infrastructure, investing in green economy. Also calling for a whole range of tax incentives. Also, help them acquire capital.

Marshall: Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. I see them in the SoS office. I support unfreezing credit. Need public ombudsman to help small business people.


All these answers almost make me want to be a Libertarian. Ugh. Lewis had the best answer: The way to create jobs is to create jobs.

Agree Jmes

on that last one. Lewis had the best answer

Perhaps thats a good thing?

Candidates that are similar enough, and not attacking each other, leaves little need for rebuttal.

How to make the Senate more effective

CC: The US Senate is exhibit A for dysfunction. The partisan gridlock is a function of individual members not reaching across the aisle. Did this in the NC Senate. I also think we need to rethink the rules. If you want to stop the Senate, you need to come to the floor to debate it. Congress needs to act in the wake of Citizens United.

MW: I'm running to break the dysfunction and gridlock. Flash back to high school, then at UNC, then at law school. I have a god given ability to bring people together.

KL: The country voted for change, people are wondering what happened. The impediment to change IS the US Senate. Civics lesson. The Senate is not looking out for the long term. We need fundamental change ... I'm running to bring change.

EM: You have to change the people. I've been honored by the US Chamber of Commerce. Need to change the rules, not just filibuster. Slams Burr on stopping the US Armed Services Committee.

AW: Every man is right in his own mind. I can work with diverse populations. You're not going to change Washington, have to change the people.


EM: Says "if we get drilling" we need rules to protect our environment. (Never happen.)

AW: Accepts Obama's doubletalk ... will go along with his proposal. Tsk, tsk.

CC: Off-shore drilling is not part of the answer. This is a national security, energy, and jobs challenge. We should be leader. Drilling puts our state at risk? This is not the answer for North Carolina. We need an alternative energy standards. (Brings up Voices again.) Clearly the most knowledgeable on green economy.

AW: Challenges CC for clarity. He answers strongly. CC has the clearest response.

Can someone tell what KL said?

I liked Elaine's answer

while she was against off shore drilling, she also responded on how to make the best of the likely situation. If it must happen then we need to work on the language so that NC gets the royalties, and such that there is a plan to clean up if there is a disaster, and we need to look at expanding green energy.

Why are Ken & Ann both attacking Cal on drilling?

Covered in Oil?

Covered in oil?

We should apologize to the tourist industry along our Southern coast.

Mr. Cunningham must have never been in the Gulf of Mexico.

Off his game.

If you went swimming this week you would


"The incident has sparked a renewal of calls against further oil drilling in the Gulf, with environmental groups saying there is not enough oversight. Activists point to previous spills in the Gulf of Mexico; such as the January incident that saw over 450,000 gallons of oil released into the Gulf after an oil-laden ship collided with a tug boat. Last summer, an underwater pipeline leak saw over 58,000 gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf."

On to banking

KL: Need independent consumer protection agency. Give the government the ability to unwind banks that are in trouble. Separate consumer banking from investment banking functions.

EM: As NC's chief financial regulator. I agree with an independent consumer protection agency. Also need transparency to get information about financial products. Third, need a modern day Glass Stegal to keep anything from being too big to fail.

AW: Need better enforcement for the rules we have. I support strong regulations and honest enforcement.

CC: I opposed the bank bail out. We have to end TBTF. Need resolution authority. Need to take care with respect to consumer scams. Need to regulate predatory lending. Also need to regulate derivatives on exchanges, break up lines of business in banking.

MW: As legal services advocate, I'm the only person who has worked to save small farms and residences. We have to restore the division between banking and investments. I disagree with the Obama administration ... they did not press hard enough to reduce executive compensation. Regulators got salary increases, even though they didn't do their job.

What would CC have done when

What would CC have done when the nation was on the verge of collapse? The bank bail out was something that had to be done. If they hadn't their would have been economic disaster! If they are too big to fail that's the reality. You can't just say tough luck and watch the country to go to hell in a hand basket. The horse was already out of the barn.

I'm a moderate Democrat.


EM: A focus on geography is bad strategy. We need to rebuild America, not Afghanistan.

AW: I trust the president. Stabilize and start withdrawing.

CC: I bring a unique perspective. Was in Iraq. I saw what extra boots can do. We cannot allow Afghanistan to be a failed state.


Lost my connection again. Arghhhhh.

This is good, Bruce

Your subject is really sincere.

P.S.: Tell Mitchell, nice cameo as "gum chewing staffer"!


Nice work

Cal strikes me as a (style

Cal strikes me as a (style wise) cross between GHW Bush and Al Gore. Kind of stiff and calculated. Williams looks like a slim Kimbo Slice. Worthy reminds me of a school principal.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

How long do we continue to pay unemployment benefits

CC: Keep paying them in the short term. $1 delivers $1.90. We should keep them up.

MW: Halcyon days. Award for best word. Didn't answer question.

KL: This goes to who we are as a country. I would continue unemployment benefits.

EM: I'd continue benefits too.

AW: Continue benefits. Doesn't seem to understand fundamentals.

No one went after Burr on his crappy position on this question.
All missed chance to slam Burr.

Marshall most comfortable

Marshall seems the most comfortable in my opinion.

Remember in Taladaga Nights

Remember in Taladaga Nights when Ricky Bobby was interviewed for the first time and he didn't know what to do with his hands? Now watch Cal on when he answers a question. Ha Ha Somebody tie his hands to the podium!

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Harry Potter

Give Cal a wand and he could give Harry Potter a run for his money.


CC: Thank you. This is about and everyone all over North Carolina. People want a Senator on their side. Optimistic. Didn't get in accidentally, won't get out accidentally. A clear ask for your vote. Optimistic about the future. Join me.

MW: My vision for changing politics ... call to visit website. I humbly ask for your support. Check the best, forget the rest.

AW: Slams lawyers and politicians, I'm the change we need. I am Ann Worthy and I am worthy of your vote.

EM: Thanks. Worst economy, at war in two locations, gap between rich and poor. Need leadership focuses on long range vision of the company. I'm a problem solver. I've taken on insurance and expanded healthcare. I've taken on Wall Street. I ask you to join me in this campaign. Put America back on the right pathway.

KL: My grandmother was born on a plantation where her mother had been a slave. We're in difficult times. We need a different kind of experience and leadership in Washington.

Politicians Don't Create Jobs!

The silliest question ever asked to a politician: How do you plan on creating jobs?

Politicians don't create jobs, unless one is counting government jobs that take approximately 17 "real" jobs to support a single "government job".

A better question: What will you do to ensure government doesn't deter job creation?

Who in the US didn't come

Who in the US didn't come from an immigrant? There was no one here originally.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Everyone an Immigrant

Who in the US didn't come from an immigrant? There was no one here originally.

There are plenty of Native Americans still living in the US. Many immigrant Americans took Native American wives since there was a significant shortage of immigrant women living in American during our early years. Also, several families have been in America for such a long time that it is extremely difficult to nearly impossible to trace lineage to the 'Old World'. I suppose one could say everyone is an 'immigrant' in one form or another since we are a migratory species. Perhaps, we are nothing more than Citizens of the World?