(Unoffical Results) From Graham County!

Somebody buy me a 2 liter Coke & a Moon Pie. I didnt know being a precicent official could be so hard. I was in charge of provisionals. Before I put up results let me tell ya, I was amazed at the drove of Dems who came out. Out of a ward with 1700 ,378 Dems showed, 322 Repubs, and I dont have a count but 90 % of the unaffiliated went Dem.

US Congress-11th Dist- Democrat Heath Shuler-----798 83% Michael Morgan---163 17% US Congress-11th Dist.-Republican Charles Taylor-----944 93% John Armor--------- 73 07% NC Senate District 50 Sen. John Snow-D--Unopposed Ken McKim-R----502 55% Sheriff Incumbent Bob DeBruhl-D--420 41% Mickey Anderson-D--504 49% Russell Wayne Moody-R--522 50%

I have all the other totals if you want them.