U. S. Senate race 2016: Democrat Griffin, the new guy

[Kevin] Griffin, 44, is founder and chief executive of staffing company AVANT Group LLC and, as a political neophyte, he readily acknowledges that he has a lot to learn about campaigning.

Still, the Burlington native said in an exclusive interview with WRAL News that he is tired of the gridlock in Washington, D.C., and he thinks he can do something about it. He said he plans to focus his campaign on transparency, education and veterans' affairs.

"Almost every problem that we face as a nation can be rolled back down to education. We have to continue to develop our people," he said.

"I think that, in order to bring about change, you have to try something new," Griffin said. "I'm something new. I have new ideas. I have a new background. I have a new approach. And I think that's something that can resonate."

As the WRAL post from Thursday says, "The winner of the primary is expected to face an uphill battle against Burr, a well-funded incumbent."



I'm sure Burr will be thankful

Of course, Deborah Ross will have to spend time, money, and energy fighting for a win in the primary, all of which could have been used in the "uphill battle against Burr" cited in this article.

To get my vote, someone who claims to have unspecified "new ideas" has to tell me what those ideas are. And if he "plans to focus his campaign on transparency, education and veterans' affairs," what's so new about those? Kay Hagan talked a lot about how she supported veterans. Where did that get her? Veterans' affairs are important, but maybe not a winning issue for Democrats.

If a Democrat wants to try a "new idea" in a statewide race, how about this?


You would think a businessman like Griffin would realize how good Obama has been for the US economy, and would not distance himself from the president on that issue like Kay Hagan did.

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