two, Two, TWO Blog Posts in One!

It's a double header:


Laws are for the other guys

Republicans never met a law they didn't like to break.

OK...I'm extra mad at husband ticked me off. I'm taking it out on the rest of the party.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

The sad thing is, Screwy:

your great list could go on and on. Remember the residents of his low income housing not having heat, a/c or screens so their toddlers had to swelter or not be safely contained . . . Remember how his housing complex stole water from the town of Brevard (by bypassing the meter). When they took it to court, the judge dismissed the case (because, he said, he didn't believe the evidence because he personally knew Charles Taylor and Charles Taylor would never steal).

Go look at how he micromanaged a bank where his employee (and two customers) were murdered and they've never found the culprit because he was too cheap to buy the recommended number of cameras or other security precautions and the one camera that was there had no tape in it. The substandard building itself had been in Taylor's own name, not the company's, less than a year before, but he was not "connected" in any way to the company's fatal flaws. Of course, the lawsuit was settled out of court on that one.

Most of the time, he doesn't even bother to pretend to give a shit. He just occasionally says a few words and the brainwashed fundamentalists repeat it as gospel "truth" because they have to believe it or they're worse than all those liberals they spend all day criticizing and hating.

You know, I don't hate Taylor all that much. He is what he is. He actually rarely pretends to be much more than a cheat and a swindler. I have trouble with the media who prints his bs as truth and the people who blindly vote for him year after year. Do you know how many people called Patsy evil? It's amazing.