Tuesday Twitter roundup

That's fine, Robinson is even more of an extremist than Forest was. He will ruin his own chances in short order.

If by "woke" you mean pro-democracy, ready to defend the Constitutional right to vote, then yeah. The MLB scored a home run for democracy, you just can't see it through your cheap, knock-off Raybans.

And it's a big reason why NC re-elected Roy Cooper, and not that idiot Dan Forest. It's no accident we're in the best quadrant, it's a direct result of good, responsible governing. And yet:

Michael Whatley sits on a throne of lies. A porcelain throne, which he constantly has to labor with a plunger to keep it unclogged. He's full of $#!+, is what I'm saying...

They're lucky to spell their own names correctly...

Good stuff. Biden has been incredibly productive in his first 3 months, but there are still some critical issues that need to be addressed.

And just how (exactly) does raising the income cap to 170% of the poverty level help low-income families? The truth is, it doesn't. You're now in the later stage of your plan, throwing money at upper middle class families, to send their kids to religious schools where they can better learn to discriminate against the people you don't like.

Lol! When you're scared of Joe Manchin, you really have lost your conservative marbles.

Five dollars! Who am I, Armond Hammer's son...Framing...nevermind, I got off track on that joke early, and couldn't save it.

You're assuming Republicans want (or even care about) unequal access in health care. They don't.

Making it harder to vote is not "protecting democracy," it's the exact opposite. The only thing you're desperately trying to protect are GOP majorities in both houses of the General Assembly.

On that positive note, here's your Onion:

This is true.