Tuesday Twitter roundup

Dude doesn't even know what "full-time" means. Home-schooled, cut classes all the time in college, and now he's got some vague real estate occupation. Col. Morris Davis, on the other hand, doesn't know what "part-time" means, after a quarter of a century of active duty. There's only one real choice in this election.

Right, because patients never lie to their doctors about reckless, unhealthy behavior. Come on...

We need to hear from doctors, too. There are several cases before the Supreme Court in the next few months attacking the Affordable Care Act, and we could enter 2021 with a health care nightmare.

Dude, she's been campaigning for Trump in NC for going on a year. Are you even paying attention?

You are an exceptional idiot, you know that? And you're about to be pushed back into the minority where you belong.

And we won't be hearing from this jerk anymore either, who was too afraid to run after losing his gerrymander advantage. Kathy Manning says, "Hi," reverend.

Uh, no. It funds private (for profit) schools instead of public school systems. The fact you feel the need to obfuscate on this point reveals you know it is wrong, but just don't care.

Yeah, it is simple. Robinson says all the things they wish they could say, so they love him for it.

I'd rather have marrow scraped out of my bones by a wino with the shakes than sit through a Dan Forest watch party. It would definitely be safer.

Don't worry, the NC GOP will flog that bishop (probably not the best metaphor, but once it crossed my mind, I was hooked) up to and beyond the election.

Just so you know, waving around a bill a couple of no-name Republicans wrote, when you've been paralyzed for several months on passing another pandemic relief bill, is beyond laughable. You're like Carnies hawking a freak show to the rubes, but we're not buying that ticket.

That's not dancing, his feet aren't even moving. Where's Sean Spicer when you need him? Scratch that. I don't want to see Spicey trying to dance either...

On that embarrassing note, here's your Onion:

I hate when that happens...