Tuesday Twitter roundup

Yup. They just view it as a weakness anyway, so what's the point? They're either bald-faced liars, or willing to believe obvious lies. And when backed into a corner on such lies, instead of admitting to the inaccuracy they resort to whataboutism. Don't waste your time.

I went bowling with my daughter and son-in-law about two years ago, and we thought the place was closed until we went inside. Out of like 32 lanes, only ours and one other were in use. And it's the only bowling alley for about 150,000 residents to use. It ain't COVID or the Governor killing bowling alleys, it's the 21st Century.

She's also an anti-LGBTQ nut-job, and very likely a strong anti-abortion vote on the Supreme Court. Dog help us.

She is not wrong.

That's nice, but my younger son worked part-time (for UPS) during the holiday season many years ago (when he was 19), and he would come home filthy and exhausted after 4 hours of non-stop box shuffling. When I told him he should stick with it and maybe get full-time, he looked at me in horror.

Of course, Troxler didn't do shit to procure this money, but he's glad to take credit for it:

The N.C. General Assembly approved the funding for the assistance, which comes from federal COVID-19 funds earmarked for North Carolina. A dairy study could also be part of the program. The N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will manage the program and distribute funds. Eligible producers will be sent a letter next week with further details about the application process.

You can consider the following a formal endorsement from both me and Evil Steve, although I had to make him sit in the corner when he started talking about "turtle hunting" over McConnell's reaction to RBG's passing.

Godspeed, JW.

Good move. I mean, we need to stop it anyway, but if Trump refuses, it will demonstrate how little he cares about NC.

Yeah, I was surprised they didn't do it. But they did enough other crap that I forgot about this one.

Yah, his statement was a big 'ol mess. It sounded like he knew Biden and Cunningham were going to win, and this was the only chance to get another conservative on the bench. He ain't the shiniest spoon in the drawer.

So much for the beneficial uses of "coal combustion residuals." That's what they call it. I call it poison.

Do Federal background checks detect if there is a domestic abuse issue? Sheriff's deputies deal with domestic violence on a regular basis. Our permitting process is in place for a reason, it's not just redundancy.

Just wanted to add: It's not just her friends and family who are in mourning, the whole fricking nation (world?) is. If Trump died, would Ted Budd pray for his friends and family? No. He would pray for the whole country's loss. Even in death, RBG has to fight for equality.

Honestly, calling what he's doing "travel" is a stretch. He's really just touching down in Air Force 1, a "layover" if you will, and I'm pretty sure his feet only leave the tarmac when struggling up the steps to the podium. And our local news stations gobble that shit up like it's prime rib, positioning the cameras in the middle of the crowd and scanning around, like it's a multitude. Earned media. He hasn't "earned" jack shit since he's been President, or the decades prior to that, frankly. He's swindled quite a bit, but earned? Nah.

It's bad enough when regular people do this:

Community members and organizations say board member Laura Blackwell was heard saying “this is the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen,” in reference to the meeting while on the Zoom call.

The Young Democrats of Cabarrus County came out Monday night saying they condemn the comments reportedly made by Blackwell.

“We teach our friends, colleagues, and children not to say that word because of the hurt it causes people with intellectual disabilities. Laura Blackwell should remove that word from her vocabulary and remove herself from the school board.”

but an elected member of the School Board? Jebus Cripes. Still classy as hell, Cabarrus.

On that 1970's note, here's your Onion:

But why 2:15 in the morning? You had to know earlier in the day your battery was about to die, why not chirp when people are still awake and active? I will take your lack of response as an admission of guilt.