Tuesday Twitter roundup

Until Congress gets its shit together, we need to do this. Most Federal grants come with a state or local government buy-in. And when this thing expires, NC needs to make that extra $100 (if not more) a permanent increase. p.s. This is not a complete reversal of my previous opinion, but I've seen several folks say that Governor Cooper should decline to participate, and that would be a mistake.

The irony of wearing masks in support of candidates who refuse to wear masks is overwhelming.

Not trying to be reductive (okay, maybe a little), but anytime I see "published author" on somebody's bio, especially when it's accompanied by "motivational speaker," my crackpot antenna begin waving:

Peddled to a mostly Christian audience, which earns her the Crackpot Trifecta. Running against Jeff Jackson, by the way. Just, no.

"Look! Look at these black students saved by school choice! Democrats are racist!" Talk about a broken record playing the same lyrics over and over again...

You've got that backwards, as usual. The judges that have ruled against the GOP were acting in the best interests of the people, against the furtherment of the GOP's social and political agenda. And behind the bench is the last place you people belong.

What part of "sister campus" do you not understand? The story is accurate, it just covers two separate (yet connected) events. When the real news bothers and embarrasses you, you may be in the wrong party.

I would say, "Don't waste your breath on Woodcox," but he is an irritating SOB.

I wonder what else is on his "bucket" list? Sheesh...

That's like expecting an excited puppy to not pee on the carpet because you gave him detailed instructions. It. Just. Won't. Work.

So much for the Conservative "Free Market" religion. Somebody paid good money (billboard advertising is not cheap) to balance the psychological impact of that Confederate flag, but the redneck landowner didn't approve of the message. And I guarantee you there is nothing in the contract between the billboard company and landowner that says he has a say in what is advertised.

On that frustrating note, here's your Onion:

It's kinda funny, but I just wanted to get that hair into this diary...