Tuesday Twitter roundup

This is a serious problem:

Not sure how many of these operations were able to secure government loans to stay afloat, but just from anecdotal evidence I've seen on social media, probably not many.

STFU Donnie, you're out of your element.

Keep it up, dingbat. You're going to push us into another lockdown, which you will then cry about your lost Freedumbs. *sigh*

That's what he gets for defending the decisions of an idiot. Hopefully NC voters will fix this problem.

Lol! Yeah, all those rich journalists, with their inflatable pools in the back yard and wheezing 1994 Volvos. It's a travesty.

If anybody can turn me against hand-marked paper ballots, it's Art Pope's propaganda machine. Suppressing the vote is bound to be tied up in this position, somehow.

Go sit in a courtroom for half a day, Chad. That's all it takes.

Now that is some silly shit, right there. If it was up to Trump, medical professionals (including pharmacists) could deny you service, or not allow you to visit each other in the hospital. And of course allow you to be fired for making this idiotic video and posting it on social media. I won't even mention grabbing your pu$$y. Oops...

The only way to get everybody to wear masks is to make it mandatory. But that might also be the only way Dan Forest could get elected. I'm glad I don't have to make that decision.

Dude still has a radio show, which says something about the audience. I can't say what that is, because I've used up my daily allotment of F-bombs, and the term "idiots" in this context needs that help.

Okay, now I'm starting to feel like we're being set up for a massive disappointment...

Aw, Karen can't get her hair done, so she's comparing herself to the Jews enslaved in Egypt. How special.

Butner is a Federal prison, you moron. If you want to point the finger at somebody, that would be Donald Trump.

On that exasperating note, here's your Onion:

You know, I was sitting on the fence about not requiring new drivers take a road test, but now...



I know we're all suspicious when Civitas does something right.

If anybody can turn me against hand-marked paper ballots, it's Art Pope's propaganda machine. Suppressing the vote is bound to be tied up in this position, somehow.

But really, I think this falls under the "stopped clock" rule. Since Dems control the elections boards right now, there's really not much they can do to mess up actual paper ballots, and they sure make conducting recounts much more certain so they also keep the GOP from finding ways to screw around with the results. Despite this endorsement by Civitas, I'm still in favor of hand-marked paper ballots as the right thing to do in elections.

Great Twitter round up today

Re: childcare ...

Jane and I have long supported a center here in Chapel Hill called Blossoms. This month the center did its first-ever fundraiser to try to raise money for play equipment and teacher raises. These folks are doing god's work ... but god doesn't seem to be helping much.

I can safely say

that it's way too expensive for the average single mom to afford, at least at for-profit day care centers. Like $1,000+ per month. Add that to rent, utilities, groceries, maintaining a car, and you've got an impossible situation.

It is long past time that the US...

joined the rest of the 1st world in providing proper public child care in the same way that we provide public education. Plenty of countries around the world manage to do this and we can certainly afford it as a nation if we choose to. It would be a boon to working people in a wide variety of ways.