Tuesday Twitter roundup

You know you're living in a Fascist country when:

I guess it's time to re-write that Statue of Liberty phrase...

Guess what? A top 3 ranking on corporate tax cuts combined with a bottom 10 ranking on education spending signals an extremely irresponsible set of priorities. It's time to Flip NC.

Very impressive. Except for the fact there's only one (human) worker on that production floor. If you're trying to gain my support, it ain't working...

That noir photo wold be perfect if there was a big set of gleaming teeth in that facial void...

Tell you what, go to one of his regular (white) rallies without wearing your MAGA hats or t-shirts, and see what happens. You'll be shown to the blexit door before you can blink twice.

What do you expect? Meadows isn't backing him, so...

One thing I'll say about School Choice Week: The sheer creativity of their bullshit is amazing.

I endorse this message. The "no socks" thing is nothing more than a distraction. It's the "no integrity" thing we should be talking about.

And he's running for Lt. Governor, another job he's not qualified to do.

And yet, she still supports Donald Trump as if he was the Second Coming. How are we supposed to reason with people like this? The truth is, we can't. All we can do is show the voters how deranged they are, and hope a majority of those voters are not also afflicted.

Could not even win the Republican Primary for Charlotte Mayor, got appointed to the General Assembly and then won *one* election before getting spanked by a Democrat (Wesley Harris) in 2018, and now he's running against eight other R's for Lt. Governor. Dude, you don't even have the support of your neighbors, what makes you think you can win a state-wide race? Going after sheriffs is pretty much all you've got, but guess what? They won their elections.

Shut the fuck up, Mark. You're out of your element. And you'll be out of a job, soon. Do you honestly think Trump is going to pay your bills after he's booted out of the White House (now or later), and he has to go back to conning bankers and investors to help him build tasteless hotels? Nope, when that happens he will blame everybody else but himself, including his brown-nosing North Carolina boy.

On that nauseating note, here's your Onion:

It's never too early to get in shape.