Tuesday Twitter roundup

Finally something of which North Carolinians can be proud:

I'm sure BergerMoore is stewing like an apple, but they better leave this one alone.

Now *that* would be an early Christmas present...

I'll snarf down that Q, but if those are sweet potato fries, we'll have words. My sister has been assaulting me with various sweet potato concoctions for about five years now, and my patience has worn out.

Lol! Keep digging that hole, idiots. Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the Justice Department about that meeting. Meaning that a) He did not believe it was okay to talk to the Russian, and b) He thought it was worth lying to Federal agents to conceal it. You can't whitewash that mess, no matter how many coats of propaganda paint you brush on it.

The only thing more pointless (or so they tell me) than campaign yards signs, is risking legal consequences to destroy them. Come on, people.

Folwell is a bigoted jerk. We need to remember this when he runs for re-election.

That's because many of us can see through the well-funded emotional campaign, and detect the costly complications of voting with your heart and not your head.

Yeah, he is unhinged. If he were being interviewed by hospital staff to see if he was ready to be released from the psych ward, they would shut the meeting down after about five minutes and send him back to his padded room.

Okay, first of all, you're an idiot. The Republicans gave us million-dollar Solar Bees that float around stirring the tainted water and, when that didn't work, started talking about fresh water mussels that would magically do the job. And when GenX was discovered, they were more interested in one-upping Governor Cooper than actually solving the problem. And don't get me started on their coal ash mismanagement, which instead of being led by a PHD was handed over to an MBA (Michael Jacobs). The GOP hasn't lifted a bloody finger to protect our water, and whatever steps they have taken have made matters worse. Secondly, didn't you jackasses attack Erica McAdoo because you found a picture of her with a craft beer in her hand? Talk about hypocrisy...

Tee-hee... :)

Dallas Woodhouse is pulling another disgusting stunt:

N.C. Republican Party Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse delivered letters requesting a formal investigation to U.S. Attorney Robert Higdon’s office and the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement on Monday.

The parallel requests reflect Woodhouse’s allegation that by running for state House in Wilson County and signing a mortgage contract for a Johnston County home that required her to make it her primary residence for at least one year, Farmer-Butterfield ran afoul of either state or federal law.

“Jean Farmer-Butterfield is either lying to you about her residence here and has committed a crime in voter fraud, or she has committed a federal offense in mortgage fraud,” Woodhouse said during an Oct. 17 campaign rally in Wilson. “It is one or the other. ... Either one should disqualify her.”

Aside from being nothing more than a last-minute desperate attempt to shave off a few points in a race, I'm pretty sure Dallas just committed Libel with those criminal accusations. Also, what is it with Republicans challenging female Dem candidates with residency stuff? The answer is pretty simple: They're banking on the inherent sexism and patriarchal nature of many in our society, trying to cast these female candidates as "loose women" who move around a lot. Welcome to the 19th Century.

On that infuriating note, here's your Onion:

I don't know why that made me laugh, but it surely did.