Tuesday Twitter roundup

The very latest in Republican negligence:

This is Trumpcare by the numbers; people with pre-existing conditions are losers and don't deserve good coverage.

And this is the root to many of our problems. If human beings were complex information gathering systems with no data limitations, the longer they were in operation, the more informed they would be. But we're not. We forget the things we should remember, and remember things that never happened, and we wrap it all up with ego-centric emotions. Not a recipe for wise governing.

Let me rephrase that for you, Brent: "Continual efforts by Republicans to stifle efforts by municipalities to regulate businesses, combined with constant rhetoric about imaginary "free market" benefits to society, have led to private companies not even asking permission to operate in the public sphere." Much better.

Funny how these things come back to haunt you, isn't it?

And it will be even funnier when this comes back to haunt Barbara Jackson:

Aaaand, Barbara Jackson just broke Paul Newby's record for jerkiness in a Supreme Court race. Also, "Hey, Ruby!" :)

What Linda said. And while Republicans are putting on the sad Kabuki performance about being "forced" to cut these programs, Trump is making noises about another damn tax cut, right before the election. We need to be talking about looming cuts to Medicare, every single day up to and including Nov. 6th.

Of course they got testy, because they know it's a manufactured crisis.

Good lord. Republicans like Rouzer will use whatever innuendo they can to stay in power. Kyle Horton has more honor and integrity in her pinky finger than Rouzer has in his entire body...

Yeah, that's right on the verge of being White Supremacist propaganda. Not just the difference in shade of the two hands, but also with trigger words like "Globalist."

Evidence? We're talking about Trump, dude. Things like evidence and proof only get in the way of a good narrative.

That button looks somewhat familiar...

Roger that. Now it's just a bunch of individual parents "shopping" for their particular child's education, and the rest of the children are left alone on the streetcorner. Public schools are the very last place the "free market" should be allowed to touch, but Republicans are rolling out the red carpet. Grrr.

On that infuriating note, here's your Onion:

Yes, they most certainly have.



Bonus Onion:

Yeah, not so sure about that. He's a spooky little bastard, not sure I could get any rest while healing. I mean, even if I turned him around so he wasn't looking directly at me, he'd still be right there in the room with me...