Tuesday Twitter roundup

One more thumb's-down before early voting begins:

As I've mentioned before, we have to teach them a lesson. Don't screw around with the Constitution for partisan political purposes.

Dude, you're even less relevant than you were, and that was pretty dang irrelevant. Just quit while you're behind. You remind me of the Vichy French, but at least they were granted a little power and prestige by the Nazis. You got absolutely nothing from your Republican "friends," except a quick shuffle into obscurity.

Welp, that amendment's going down, anyway. But I still can't bring myself to thank the Koch Brothers...

Not to sound like a broken record, but Walker also voted to cut $537 Billion from Medicare. Voters need to know this.

Yeah, I was afraid this was going to happen. It's one (big) reason they need to fast-track cannabis-related pain meds, which appear to be the only viable alternative to opiates or their synthetic cousins.

Guess what, dingus? When you allow corporate money to continually stifle the voices of regular citizens, they eventually get mad. If you want to identify the origin of such extreme rhetoric, look in a damn mirror.

Oh, god. Haven't those people been tortured enough?

If I'm reading this correctly, it means that two years ago we made NG troops pay back money they had earned while performing emergency services, and we're just now paying them back for that screw-up? Or I should say, we're just now "promising" to pay them back. Grrr. *update* I did not read that correctly. These "overpayments" showed up on an audit, and had not been recovered yet from these soldiers. Unless I didn't read this new thing correctly...

Lol, I know right? It seems like the Primary was last year or something...

It takes a seriously impaired mind to believe these things are simply constructs to gather more votes. I would not be surprised to find out this particular guy is also a flat-Earther.

It's one of the only drawbacks to having a military background before becoming a lawmaker: It really highlights what a clusterf**k government can be when unqualified people get elected.

On that sardonic note, here's your Onion:

"I told him it was a bad idea!" :)