Tuesday Twitter roundup

Why voting is so important:

The science of science is dying, and being replaced by the rhetoric of industry lobbyists. We can start the healing process by taking back the General Assembly in 2018, and finish it by purging the White House in 2020.

Although that might be a stock photo and not associated with these allegations, that pretty much sums up Tim Moore's concern over this. He knows our system of ethical oversight is a joke, and not a damn thing will happen to him due to this (or any other) corrupt practice.

Yeah, it's pretty bad:

For almost four weeks state Sen. Joyce Krawiec’s personal Facebook page displayed a racist meme depicting Barack Obama with racially caricatured protruding lips and the text, “Me, me, me… yes, me” — an apparent attempt to portray the former president as a childish narcissist.

If the meme itself is only mildly racist, the personalized text in the post is overtly so. A woman named Joan Fleming shared the post to Krawiec’s page, writing, “This is for Krissi…she’s always like this monkey!!”

Not just some random commenter, she and Krawiec have been friends for years. In some cases, guilt by association is valid. Don't just take my word for it, Chris is spot-on as usual:

This also highlights the pernicious nature of alt-right talking points. Be on the lookout for people who constantly mention "Globalism," because it's no longer an economic term, it's straight-up racist nationalism.

Um...you already have a majority, Mother Pence. But we're gonna fix that.

No more hurricane maps! Can't deal with it! Sorry, I had to get that off my chest...

You're an idiot. But also, you're an idiot. DSA did not create that flyer, some jackass like you did, because he knew you'd be stupid enough to believe it.

But apparently you're no old enough to remember it was Ronald Reagan who appointed Holder as a Superior Court Judge, and Clinton who made him a Deputy Attorney General. Move back six spaces and lose a turn.

Both of those pictures make me nauseated.

That's probably because Cooper is genuinely concerned about storm victims, while Trump made idiotic comments about free yachts.

It's bad enough to brainwash your daughters, but turning the dog into a Republican should be a class 2 felony...

Welp, it's for sure you ain't going to gouge anybody else...

Well, since Steve Troxler is a Republican, he'll probably get what he wants. And when Cooper asks for more money, they'll probably point to this and say, "Sorry, it's already being spent."

On that frustrating note, here's your Onion:

Lol! :)



Bonus Onion:

Yeah, that's probably not gonna work. Then again, I can't remember the last time I met somebody who was originally from Iowa. Huh.