Tuesday Twitter roundup

Talk about getting it bass-ackwards:

This is a "balance of powers" argument, which (of course) fails to address the invasive elephant in the room: Republicans in the General Assembly have taken numerous steps to erode the powers of that Governor, taking away not only his "relevance" but also his ability to provide a counterpoint to their often regressive policies. And they've taken (or tried to take) similar steps with the NC Supreme Court since that majority flipped as well, not to mention what they've done to the lower courts. And yet John Hood would have us believe those same power-grabbing Republicans need to be re-elected to "contain" the other two branches. That's rather Trumpian, don't you think?

Don't fall for the police's attempt to rationalize this. That cop didn't walk into the wrong apartment and shoot Botham Jean because she thought he had drugs, that marijuana thing came after the fact. His life would not have been saved if federal (or state) laws prohibiting marijuana didn't exist, and using this tragedy to promote your issue is all kinds of f**ked up.

Ugh. It's bad enough to take an anti-Pelosi stance when somebody asks you about it, but to spend tens of thousands advertising that opinion is just plain stupid. It's the equivalent of questioning the judgment of the entire Democratic Congressional delegation, and that's (very likely) all voters will remember after watching it.

Yeah, and now Rod Rosenstein is right on the verge of resigning (being fired by Trump), and whoever gets picked as his replacement will no doubt be gunning for Mueller from day one. Great job, Republicans.

I still like our red sign better...

Translated: "Shouldn't we just let people rip off other people by claiming they can do things they're not qualified to do, and just let the magical free market decide who's wrong and who's right?"

And that right there should lose you every single vote from NC's public teachers. Jeanne Alllen is nothing more than a private school salesperson, and Dan Forest is nothing more than a self-centered campaign robot.

The only reason Marsy's Law activists are so organized is because a drug-dealing billionaire is trying to improve his image by capitalizing on his sister's horrible death. Take away that $5 million he's pouring into this and all those color-coordinated signs and t-shirts go away too, along with the paid staff.

It might be news to some people, but not teachers and their advocates:

Ranking the school systems for teachers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, a new study put North Carolina at 49th. South Carolina fared a little better, coming in at 45th in the Wallet Hub study.

The study, released Monday, ranked the schools in each state based on a number of factors, including salaries, student-teacher ratios and spending per student.

New York, Connecticut and Minnesota are the top three states for teachers, according to the study. On the other end of the spectrum, Hawaii came out the worst, followed by Arizona and North Carolina, based on teacher opportunities, work environment and academics.

No doubt Art Pope's minions are scrambling to come up with a rebuttal to this study, just like they did when a Wake County teacher made the cover of Time:

I'll save you the trouble: It's not an in-depth look at what a livable wage really is, it's a personal attack, polished off with some union-bashing and an attempt to tie Roy Cooper in there, to give it the flavor the Governor somehow orchestrated this embarrassing national exposure. No shame, whatsoever.

It reads like the operating manual for a hypocrite:

#1 – “The attacks on Kavanaugh are all lies and ‘fake news’ and part of a coordinated conspiracy.”
What this argument obviously ignores, however, is: a) the horrific trauma to which all of these women will most assuredly be subjected (Ford and Ramirez are already getting death threats), b) the fact that the revelations have, by all indications, occurred independently in different places and come to light in different ways, c) that other witnesses have come forward to validate parts of Ford’s and Ramirez’s stories, d) the fact that both are asking for full investigations.

#2 – “If the allegations are accurate, they describe nothing more than the crude pranks of a boorish high school/college student that happened decades ago.”
While this, quite disturbingly, may be the view held by many American males who engaged in similar behavior (or tried to) in similar circumstances, the claim is bogus. Simply put, Kavanaugh’s alleged behavior constituted sexual violence and criminal behavior. If some see it as merely crude, but somehow excusable, it says more about them than the law. What’s more, in both instances, Kavanaugh was clearly old enough to know better. That decades have passed is utterly irrelevant.

#3 – “Both Ford and Ramirez describe themselves as having been in the middle of drunken parties. They should have known better.”
It’s hard to believe that anyone still harbors or gives voice to this outrageous and long-discredited argument, but for those who do, it deserves to be repeated one more time for the record that “no” means “no,” regardless of what a sexual assault victim is wearing, whether she or he is drunk or where they happen to be.

#4 – “The allegations don’t matter because we need to get a fifth vote on the Supreme Court who will overturn Roe v. Wade and support our president.”
Tragically, this is almost certainly the view that is motivating most of Kavanaugh’s supporters. Having already made the ultimate “deal with the devil” in their loyal support of Donald Trump – an admitted serial perpetrator of sexual harassment and dozens of other outrageous and immoral acts – sticking with Kavanaugh in order to abet their passionate desire to advance a right-wing social agenda on the Court is an obvious and easy next step.

One positive thing that has come out of this controversy: It has exposed the sexist and misogynistic views of literally millions of men across this country, including many of our elected officials. While that doesn't guarantee change is on the horizon, at least women have a better understanding of who their enemies are.

On that sad note, here's your Onion:

I have no doubt...



Bonus Onion:

Like I tell my kids when they do something moderately stupid, "The graveyard's full of 'em." And they usually give me that look you're giving me now, which is, "What does that mean, Steve?" ;)

Rip van Holding...

Health advisory: When you have to use a shoe-horn to pry your fat ass out of an airplane seat, it might be time to do some Pilates. Or maybe Jenny Craig "Walking," if that's too intense. Something, anyway...

It’s impossible to take Hood seriously.

He’s become a caricature of a Libertarian nut job, opining about government while failing to recognize the enormous damage being done by his beloved party. Kind of sick, kind of sad. Glad he’s off my radar.