Tuesday Twitter roundup

Hurricane photo ops:

You should be coordinating your efforts with the Governor, but instead you're touring with Franklin Graham's charity express. Your entire career has been one big campaign event after another, and you should be ashamed. And so should your Legislative buddies:

Forty percent. That's how much Republicans have cut from DENR/DEQ's staff since they took over the General Assembly. And then they had the gall to complain about slow responses. Talk about irony.

I really don't care what CEOs have to say about "personalizing" care for patients. They have presided over a massive increase in the costs of health care over the last few decades, plunging our country into a crisis and causing the deaths of thousands, who couldn't afford what the 1% takes for granted. They should be worried about losing their gravy train when we eventually enact universal healthcare, but they brought it on themselves.

Pay attention, dipshit. She is no longer "unknown," and Kavanaugh is no longer defensible:

Republicans are so transparent sometimes. I wonder how long they've had that list of 65 female "supporters"? In order to compile that, they would need to have started working on it weeks (if not months) ago, meaning some of the people who were pushing the Kavanugh nomination knew about what he did and were trying to cover it up. Disgusting.

It's hard to believe Cherie Berry is still in office, after all the ways she's abandoned NC workers:

The labor department guidance says that because North Carolina is an “at-will” employment state, an “employer can hire or discharge employees at the will of the employer for any reason or no reason at all.”

The state advises that an employer can “simply inform its employees that they must report to work whenever the business is open regardless of the weather conditions or road conditions.”

Workers who want to avoid being fired for not working during a hurricane can ask their employer to create a written “adverse weather policy” specifying when they won’t be expected to be on the job, the guidance said.

Yeah, they can "ask" for that policy until they're blue in the face. But in the absence of a labor union and a Labor Secretary who actually cares about workers, workers have no power whatsoever to force the issue.

Yeesh. That says more about the devastation than a hundred pictures of flooded streets. Thank goodness the state is stepping in to mail out absentee ballots to military and overseas folks:

Don't say I never post anything positive coming from the Art Pope network. "Once in a blue moon" maybe, but not never...

James O'Keefe is still running around loose? That boy needs to be in a padded cell...

That pretty much sums it up. And if they get it passed, it will guarantee a lifetime of hefty campaign donations from people they've made even wealthier.

On that contemptible note, here's your Onion:

Now that right there is funny...