Tuesday Twitter roundup

In case you need reminding:

What Wiley said.

No thank you. The phrase "lipstick on a pig" comes to mind...

I really don't want to look at this, but Evil Steve is curious:

The Jackson’s achievements over the past 37 years impressed the judges. Many in the industry think only multi-generation operations can reach the heights Jackson Farming Company has reached. The parents-and-son team of Brent and Debbie Jackson, along with second-generation grower Rodney, show their blend of risk-taking and a long-term focus on sustainability can let you reach great heights.”
What it Takes to Win the Grower Achievement Award

American Vegetable Grower’s Grower Achievement Award honors a single operation each year from a list of industry-driven nominations. Growing operations are judged based on achievements and contributions in:

Innovative production practices;
Implementation of the latest technology;
Industry involvement and environmental stewardship;
Marketing efforts; and
Business management.

And of course nothing about the people actually picking those vegetables. Apparently they don't exist...

Really putting on a full-court press there. Might want to spend some of those dollars on defense lawyers:

Heroine, cocaine, meth, and ecstacy. If he's not trafficking, dude needs some serious rehab...

Say what you will about PACs and dark money, I am literally giddy over this much attention to environmental issues. Redirecting our political conversations into this area can only benefit people in the long run.

Again, unless Texas has six amendments also on the ballot, you ain't voting for diddly. Tim Peck is the poster child for Fake News.

I couldn't disagree more. Most of those are "days off from work," and since the workplace is generally not a good venue for talking politics, these holidays provide many people with a chance to ask some questions that have been on their minds. And we should definitely be talking politics on 9/11, as we have been fighting a war there for almost seventeen years. We're fast approaching the point where Americans who weren't yet alive when the Twin Towers came down put themselves in harm's way because of that event. Which is borderline insane, when you think about it.

Kiss the 1st Amendment goodbye:

A major developer of charter schools, Steve Hubrich claims he’s only trying to protect his reputation. But the president of Hubrich Contracting has filed what appears to be a SLAPP suit against opponents of one of his projects, Discovery Charter School, in northern Durham County.

SLAPP suits, short for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, are often used by companies and government agencies to silence their critics under the guise of defamation claims. The plaintiffs don’t want to win a judgment; their claims are often flimsy. Instead, plaintiffs want to intimidate their opponents and rack up their attorney’s fees, with the goal of making the critics and their criticisms go away.

Hubrich’s claims, according to court records, match the characteristics of these intimidatory tactics. The allegations could be refuted — and are, according to court records. Yet with a $25,000 judgment on the line — and a request for a jury trial, which would likely require the defense to hire an attorney — Hubrich could effectively muzzle his opponents. Anti-SLAPP suit attorneys Peter Kurdock and Mark Goldowitz of the Public Participation Project wrote on their website that SLAPPs aren’t just random meritless lawsuits. They are lawsuits that directly attack First Amendment rights.”

Making matters worse, North Carolina does not have an anti-SLAPP law. About half of the states do.

The General Assembly can pass a law that makes it virtually impossible for neighbors of hog farms to seek legal relief, but don't expect them to shed a single tear over frivolous and intimidating legal actions taken against people for speaking in opposition to developers. The hypocrisy is maddening.

Oh, put a damn sock in it. Cooper actually spoke to Trump on the phone, asking for assistance:

One of the rare occasions where Trump doesn't kiss his own ass in a Tweet...

A swing and a miss there, John. Just because Federal taxes are still somewhat progressive, it doesn't automatically follow that regressive taxing on the state-level has no negative impact. Nice try, though.

On that predictable note, here's your Onion:

I really do hate when that happens....