Tuesday Twitter roundup

Putting the workers first:

We need to carry these themes all the way to the November election.

And (of course) our textile industry thrived after that for decades, proving that organized labor is actually healthy for business.

The infuriating thing is, conservatives would do away with that measly $7.25 if they could. There is only one party that looks out for workers, and it ain't the GOP.

Yah, we need more housing. Literally everywhere. But NIMBY's hate apartment complexes, townhomes, and even single-family homes. And what really pisses me off is when people who normally don't care about the environment all of a sudden start worrying about trees when the ones they can see from their window are threatened. Grrrr.

Once again, James Protzman, the driving force of BlueNC since the days of George W. Bush, is the genius behind that red sign. And that baby is everywhere.

Lol! Don't make me go get that picture of Trump coloring a blue stripe on his flag, while kindergartners are getting theirs right on both sides of him.

I bet half the folks in Fayetteville couldn't even tell you his name if you asked them who their Congressman was. I will for get he exists in three, two, one...

The vast majority of Chicago's crime guns are purchased legally (and easily) from neighboring states like Indiana. Making them easy to get in Illinois will just make things worse in Chicago, but idiots like you don't care about that, because all you want is more guns at any cost.

I wish he would run, and keep on running until he gets to Biloxi and has to take a boat...

Okay, this warrants a relatively deep dive:

Monahan’s vision for the program is to help centers forge bonds with “abortion-minded” clients, who then act as “missionaries” by bringing in other members of the “abortion-vulnerable population.”

It is also meant to create openings to “share Christ.”

This was the case for Jasmine Edwards, a client of the Pregnancy Resource Center of Statesville, which receives federal funds. Edwards said her counselor there helped bring her back into contact with religion, encouraging her to pray about her challenges with food insecurity. “She prayed with me every single day,” Edwards told Rewire.News. “And I prayed about it, and I’m telling you, it was beautiful.” Edwards and another Statesville client, Danielle Redfield, said they could earn points not just for parenting lessons, but for going to doctor’s visits, writing Facebook reviews for the center, or attending Bible study or church.

Recent budget records show the centers have planned to spend tens of thousands of dollars in federal funds annually on incentives, including diapers, car seats, formula, cribs, baby bouncers, and $5 Walmart gift cards.

But the fact that clients could earn these materials by attending church appears to violate the constitutional separation of church and state, because the government is effectively rewarding people for worship, Robert Tuttle, a professor of law and religion at George Washington University, told Rewire.News.

You need some diapers? Go to church, and then we'll give you some. Both the state and federal funding for this "program" needs to be cut off, because government involvement makes us all complicit in the violation of the 1st Amendment.

On that inconceivable note, here's your Onion:

And all it will take is a few of these moderately-priced cyborg implants...



Unpopular opinion alert...

Okay, this will likely not win me any friends, but it needs to be said: Common Cause and the League of Women Voters have done the lion's share of the lifting on this issue (for years, no less). It's a good bet we wouldn't be here now talking about it if they had given up. If they can both agree that trying to implement new Congressional districts prior to the 2018 election will do more harm than good, then I am inclined to agree with them.

Neither of these organizations are prone to weak-kneed pragmatism when it comes to voting rights, so they did not arrive at this decision lightly. And the last thing we need now is more in-party fighting, so plunge that torch into the barrel of water and move on.