Tuesday Twitter roundup

The talk of the town (state):

The timing could have been much better, but the arc of justice follows its own timetable.

Yes, it is insane. But that's what happens when a party with fewer registered voters feels it deserves 10 out of 13 Congressional seats. Such selfish behavior always ends in a big, stinking mess for everybody.

That pretty much sums it up...

Dude, the only reason the GOP helped an Unaffiliated candidate get on the ballot was because they scraped the bottom of their barrel in that district and couldn't find a (moderately sane) Republican to run. Speculating they might all of a sudden decide to share their power with another party is more than a little cray.

I...don't know what to say about that. Isn't this supposed to be about crime victims? You know what, never mind.

You co-sponsored a bill to allow people to carry concealed handguns without a f**king permit. You are the last person we should listen to about protecting children.

Shhh! Don't say that so loudly. Trump is going to be in Charlotte in just a few days, and he might overhear and Tweet about it...

It really is pointless to engage Pete. His audience is mostly low-information voters who are easily entertained, and that's not an environment that fosters intellectual growth, if you catch my drift...

Typical Libertarian nonsense. Ignoring all the other pain and suffering if your one issue gets some attention. We're liable to be in a shooting war with 2-3 more well-armed enemies, our air and water quality reversed back to 1970's smog and soapy rivers catching fire, the Russian Mafia literally running the White House, and you're whining about NAFTA. Dog help us...

On that ominous note, here's your Onion:

That applies to about 3/5 of the people (or bots) who post on the ncpol feed.




If by "friends" you mean state employees, who are already so over-burdened by GOP budget cuts to their staffs they're struggling to accomplish their most critical tasks on time, then yes. The anti-government outrage machine would probably blow a gasket if those employees were found to be idling away their time to procure a Real ID, but let's not let logic intrude into the debate.