Tuesday Twitter roundup

Greensboro tells Trudy, "We'll see you in court."

Federal court, no less. I can't wait to hear what the judge says when they tell him what went on in the Caucus meeting where a bunch of lawmakers were forced to change their votes is "Top Secret" and they don't have to tell him what was said. ;)

And the numbers prove Republicans don't know jack about economic issues:

Between 2007 and 2012, a study by the North Carolina film industry shows, the industry spent $1.3 billion in the state. After audits, the state paid $112 million to those production companies through the incentive program.

Even after the rebate, the study reported, the state earned tax revenue of $58.3 million from film productions during those years.

Even if the state had ended up in the red revenue-wise, that level of private-sector spending improved the lives of thousands of citizens, most of them hovering on the lower rungs of the class ladder. Doing away with film incentives is going to put the squeeze on a hell of a lot of people, just so the GOP can help the 1% pocket more cash. Stupid, unnecessarily cruel, and it will actually lose money. Which is becoming a GOP trademark.

I was going to make a joke about El Chapo, but, you know. I'll wait until they catch him again...

No, we said he was "execrable." Campaign-wise, the dude has like five layers of Teflon, plus a layer of those ceramic tiles like on the bottom of the space shuttle. The only thing that can save us is a poorly-chewed large bite of ribeye. But even then, knowing his luck, there'll be a convention of EMT's staying in the hotel who just had a refresher course on the Heimlich Maneuver...

This is gonna sound crazy, but after seeing Donald Trump and Count Chocula so much in the news lately, it's almost a relief to get back to mocking Jeb Bush...

Cue the conservative twits and wags harping about bus rides, unions or George Soros. Or all three. Whatever the case, they really hate these big crowds of citizens gathering to help each other. Which says more about them than the people marching.

My god, you people and your idiotic symbolism. The reason incandescent light bulbs waste so much energy (costing people more money, by the way) is because the only light they project is from electricity vented directly into the air. If Thomas Edison were still alive...Okay, he'd be like 168 years old, but he would still laugh like hell at Americans For the Prosperous for using an incandescent light bulb to talk about saving people money on energy costs.

Fight back? How, by giving the NC GOP money, so it can keep getting anti-worker politicians elected? Honestly, if this is Hasan Harnett's "A" game, I'd hate to see what will happen when he runs out of ideas. As to his claim:

Mostly bullshit, sprinkled with a few grains of truth. As usual.

It might be slow, but it will streak right past the Scott Stone for Mayor campaign...

Okay, I'll bite, John. We should definitely raise the salary of General Assembly members, so that people who are not already independently wealthy or otherwise financially secure can afford to serve. I guarantee you someone who is used to feeding their family on a $400-$600 monthly grocery budget would be an asset, if you're really concerned with stewarding the taxpayers' money. But Congress? The Republican-led US House has accomplished very little since the majority flipped over, and have actually cost the American people millions from the economic confusion of not producing a bonafide budget. So if you're putting forward the idea that "not doing your job" in elected office is preferable over being a responsible representative of the people, we've tried that already, thank you very much. And it's been a trainwreck. Go back to the drawing board and try to come up with something less stupid.

On that exasperating note, here's your Onion:

:) Definitely the coolest Pope in the last 300 years or so.