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Must remain at the top of our priority list:

As depressing as it is to look at these stats, it's also very important to do so:

Over 1 in 4 of our children is poor – 41 percent of our children of color. Think on that. Over 4 in 10 of our babies, our middle-schoolers, our teenagers of color are constrained by the intense challenges of poverty. And if you are born poor here rather than in another state, you’re more apt to stay that way.

North Carolina has one of the country’s fastest rising poverty rates. A decade ago, we were 26th – a little better than average. Now we’re 11th, speeding past the competition. We’ve also seen, over the same period, one of the steepest increases in the ranks of the uninsured.

Two million of us are classified by the federal government as hungry – over 20 percent, the nation’s fifth-highest rate. Nearly 622,000 of our kids don’t get enough to eat. Greensboro is the country’s second-hungriest city; Asheville is ninth. Feeding America reports that, for children under 5, we have the country’s second-highest food insecurity rate, just behind Louisiana. A 2011 study deemed Winston-Salem America’s worst city for childhood food hardship.

While poverty itself may be an extremely difficult problem to solve, there are things we can do. Like mapping food deserts and making sure people don't have to travel more than a few miles to get their food. And also making sure those who can't afford to buy groceries can still put food on the table. These things don't fix themselves, they depend on policy, and that requires elected officials who can think outside their own little box.

Just a fair warning: If you start back with your sexist misogynistic crap again, I can promise it won't go unaddressed.

Pretty sure "Republican independent thinker" is an oxymoron. Or it will be whenever whoever reports to the NC Senate...

"And thanks for making the event so colorful...I mean, adding some color to the...It was a very soulful speech...I gotta go, let's stay in touch."


30.8 million—amount in dollars of savings in fiscal year 2014 from Medicaid expansion in Arkansas, a state with a Republican governor and Republican control of the General Assembly (“Medicaid Expansion Is Producing Large Gains in Health Coverage and Saving States Money,” Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, April 28, 2015)

88.8 million—amount in dollars of savings projected in fiscal year 2015 from Medicaid expansion in Arkansas (Ibid)

46.5—percentage drop in inpatient admission of uninsured patients in Arkansas hospitals in 12-month period after Medicaid expansion (Ibid)

35.5—percentage drop in emergency room visits by uninsured patients in Arkansas hospitals in 12-month period after Medicaid expansion (Ibid)

500,000—number of low-income people in North Carolina who would receive health care coverage if Medicaid was expanded (“Factsheet: Expanding Medicaid in North Carolina, N.C. Justice Center, March 2015)

2 billion—amount in dollars of federal funding that would flow to North Carolina every year if Medicaid was expanded (Ibid)

Inestimable: Number of lies McCrory has tossed out since taking office.

Yeah, right. I wonder how many undocumented workers cook and clean and landscape and whatever in the Trump Hotel fleet? I everyone of them walked off the job in protest, the Donald would be back in bankruptcy court before you could have your bangs trimmed...

The jury is till out on the economic boost, but those two idiotic policy moves have greatly contributed to the suffering of NC citizens.

Going to cut this short today since I'm sitting in the hospital (not me), so here's your Onion:

Ehh, that a little more evil than we need. Here's another: