Tuesday Twitter roundup

Big news on rights for undocumented workers:

Like it or not, they share the roads with us, and making sure they understand road signs and such is a safety imperative.

There you go, John. Don't say I never did anything for you. Might be an interesting read. I was pretty much apolitical back in those days, and didn't pay much attention to what was going on (especially on the state level).

NC Republicans should have avoided (at all costs) showing up on Rachel's radar...

Er...did somebody speculate that Genral' Tater was leaving? I was only in Arkansas for like 36 hours, what else did I miss?

Because your idea of "religious freedom" is exactly the opposite of what early settlers to this continent were seeking: The freedom to not be discriminated against and treated as second-class citizens. And you have the audacity to call yourself "Lady Liberty"? That you accept the idea it's "okay" to make laws that bestow rights to some people but not others? You're not sad, you're a fucking self-righteous hypocrite.

Speaking of self-righteous hypocrites:


Starting Tuesday, June 9, the Civitas Institute is delving into the next generation of talk radio. The Freedom Action Network will begin its broadcast day at 3 p.m. with a live two-hour talk show hosted by political insider and experienced, top-rated radio host Chad Adams. The show, “What Matters with Chad Adams,” will air new shows live here from 3-5 p.m. Monday–Friday each week. Archived shows will be available for download as podcasts. The latest show will stream continuously until the new show airs.

Adams previously hosted “Mornings with Chad Adams” in the Wilmington media market, where he established a large following and regularly broke news stories through interviews with relevant individuals of all political leanings.

I wasn't aware individuals could be relevant. But hey, when you're tossing a word salad, you're gonna drop some on the floor.

Tim! I believe that's the first time I've ever seen you use a curse word, even a Junior Varsity curse word like "crap." What in the world is going on at Time Warner Cable? The next thing you know, they'll be using words like "buttocks" and "harlot." :O

I can tell you what your problem is, you're probably using Syrian hamsters and should replace them with Campbell's dwarfs, because they're more energetic and amiable. Plus, there's the whole ISIS thing. It's hard to tell which of those Syrian hamsters are liable to run off and try to create a new caliphate.

Please tell me that's an ink stamp instead of a tat? Because ouch. Also, moms rock the House. Thanks to all of you for representing, and it looks like you may have scared the crazy gun bill back into hiding:

They're going to wait until that sea of orange is no longer lapping at the building, and then whip HB562 back out for a quick vote. Remain vigilant.

As much as I hate to explore the "thinking" of this crowd, remember what Sun Tzu said about understanding the enemy:

One reason why abortion declines by state is the simple closure of abortion clinics. If you can’t easily get an abortion, you’re less likely to ultimately obtain one. But some percentage of women will press ahead with their abortions, and from this it follows that states bordering on those with few clinics left would be flooded with out-of-state seekers of abortion.

And that’s indeed what we see – Ohio, which has experienced the closure of many abortion clinics under recent laws raising the cost of providing abortions (and Ohio saw a decrease in abortions from 2010 by 17.4 percent), now has abortion seekers crossing to Michigan. This explains why Michigan has seen an increase in abortions during the same period by 18.5 percent. According to Michigan’s health department, abortions for out-of-staters jumped from 708 in 2013 to 1,318 in 2014. And as the AP article pointed out, abortion mills in Michigan are openly soliciting business from pregnant women in Ohio and Indiana.

So it appears that for the pro-life movement, tightening the legal/regulatory screws on the abortion mills – in order to force them out of business – is the way to reduce the rates.

Bolding mine. NC Republicans might think using the "improving women's health" bullshit excuse for cracking down on abortion clinics provides them some cover, but their motives are as transparent as glass. We need to ride them constantly and publicly until the rest of the voting public sees through that glass like we do.

Wow. That's a lotta greenbacks. This bears a closer look:

North Carolina businessman Jay Faison will launch a social media and online advertising blitz, backed by state and national digital advocacy efforts and a series of strategic grants, as part of a $165 million campaign run through the ClearPath Foundation. The aim is to get the Republican Party to shift its skeptical view of climate change and green energy, topics that usually fall to the bottom of its list of priorities when they don’t generate outright opposition among conservative voters.

On Tuesday, Faison, who made a fortune from the sale of his Charlotte-based audio-visual equipment company SnapAV, will unveil the first stage of his ClearPath campaign, including spending $40 million through 2016 to persuade moderates and conservatives to join the fight against climate change — but relying on market-based principles rather than government mandates.

Hey man, I don't care if you use Voo Doo or Santeria, if it will turn even a fraction of those knuckleheads, we can put it over in the "win" column.

On that somewhat hopeful note, here's your Onion for the week:

Okay, that's just disgusting. Here's another to take your mind off it:

Don't make any promises you can't keep. Note: I think that little dude on the left middle might be high on something, but I can't be sure.