Tuesday Twitter roundup

Keeping this one front and center:

It appears McCrory's delay is more sinister than just procrastination:

As part of McCrory’s investigation, the SBI and the Robeson County DA’s office are exploring whether the two had any culpability in the original crime. The investigation that freed them, though, was uncommonly thorough, and the judge found not only that there was not enough evidence to retry them, but that they were actually innocent. McCrory’s extensive probe is unnecessary, and shouldn’t take more than eight months, in any case. He needs to wrap it up and let McCollum and Brown get on with the lives the state unconscionably took from them.’

Here's a clue: Asking the same office who wrongly convicted the men if they can spin a few threads of evidence somehow connecting them to the crime is a merely recipe for more injustice. Just sign the fricking pardon and be done with it.

I...can't...not click it...

Entrepreneur Barbie, whose official job title is Dream Incubator, only joined the professional social network a few weeks ago. But she already has more than 5,000 humans following her profile, which is actually a Mattel showcase page.

Despite focusing much of her page on the success of others, Barbie doesn’t shy away from promoting her work. Her resume is front and centre on the page—with all 150 careers outlined, from teen model to dream incubator. She showcases her media coverage (who doesn’t want to show off a New York Times Square billboard about them?). Barbie also highlights her company updates, like a recent hiring spree of ten female Chief Inspiration Officers, who are all meant to serve as positive role models for young entrepreneur wannabes.

At the risk of alienating not only Entrepreneur Barbie, but her many followers as well, I simply must set the record straight: There is a certain point where the number of previous occupations becomes a detriment. Think about it. She's had 150 jobs since she entered the workforce 56 years ago. That's almost three jobs per year, average duration four months. A prospective employer is bound to presume there's something hinky going on. On the run from the law? A very unskilled embezzler? Chronic halitosis? Of course, she might simply be the restless type, but she always looks so happy, you know? I don't understand.

I'm not surprised Republicans make so many false claims about the budget, but I am surprised the N&O reporter devoted about 85% of the article to Art Pope's opinion about what happened, with the remaining parts feeling more like filler material than objective context. Tell you what, the next time they feel the urge to fill their pages with voodoo economics bullshit, they should just hire a root doctor. More insightful, and a heckuva lot more credible.

You really are an idiot, did you know that?

Yay, I'm going to help a Canadian become President of the US! And after that, we're going to see the Wizard so we can finally get the brains we've been hoping for!

It's not hyperbole:

The organization looked at state appropriation trends from 1961 to 2015, noting that since the 1980s funding has waned during periods of economic recession and never fully recovered. By 2015 the annual state investment in higher education was about 55 percent of what it had been in 1980.

It's entirely likely that trends could change. But in the past few months, states have proposed or enacted some major cuts to higher education.

"A lot of the deficits exist because governors cut taxes and didn't raise them after the recession, so we're still left with residual budget issues," said Hiltonsmith of Demos. "Or they cut taxes so low that they can't support the programs the state has committed to funding."

And that's why *NO* Democrats (from whatever street) should go along with Republican tax-cut schemes. The only thing they accomplish is fattening the 1% while destroying everything else. And yes, this is one of those non-negotiable "purity tests" that moderate Dems like to complain about when discussing progressive activists. Deal with it.

I wish them all the best, but: If the poll used to decide when the meeting should occur is any indication of how the group is going to function, I'm not sure any consensus-generated grand strategies are going to emerge...

I believe that should be Lee Republican "Woman."

You sure know how to let the air out of a trendy story...

If I had the time and the desire, it would be interesting to discover why an Uber-hater living in New York is so interested in making sure NC Republicans are suitably scared by ride-sharing companies.

Riiight, the Klan is pro-gun-control. Again, the extremist nature of the gun-nut crowd is the biggest threat to the rights they seek to preserve. And their painfully obvious lack of understanding of basic human behaviors and desires is a guarantee that only a handful of like-minded individuals will ever give credence to their views.

Okay, let me get this straight: McCrory and Skvarla decided to blame you guys in the Legislature for Volvo choosing another state, so of course a rebuttal argument had to be concocted. So you decided to compare Volvo to an aluminum manufacturer who hasn't made any aluminum in how long? Decades? And has been profiting from the sale of hydro power supplied by the state's water resources since then, while employing few (if any) of the former aluminum workers. The only way to make that comparison even remotely relevant is to postulate Volvo accepting a hefty incentives package to set up a manufacturing plant in North Carolina providing x number of jobs, but later turning that operation into nothing more than a distribution facility with a handful of workers to maintain it. And if they did, Republicans in the General Assembly would be falling over each other in an effort to file suit.

Go back to the drawing board Justin, your theory is unsound.

On that inscrutable note, here's your Onion:

Ehh, too much politics, not enough cow bell. Here's another:

:) That's one of those that make you laugh harder each time you read it.