Tuesday Twitter roundup

Speaks for itself:

I've never seen such a blatant and shameful marketing ploy, and it's doubly bad to see it coming from the purveyors of critical information about our government, something we should all engage in without being tempted with a fancy coffee...Okay, I want one. And once "they" arrive, you better come up with a better system of distribution that replaces the word "random" with "Steve," or I may be forced to infiltrate the N&O compound, pull the fire alarm, and make off with two of them (in case one gets broken). Fair warning.

You have to wonder if McCrory tells his assistants, "Put together a list of the worst possible appointees for this position," and then just eenie-meenie's until his finger comes to a rest. There's been way too many of these for it to be a coincidence.

Yeah, good luck with that. Whatever Tea Party flake you guys come up with to challenge him will have a couple of thousand dollars vs Burr's virtually unlimited millions. But do proceed, please.

That picture is funny enough as it is, but what's even funnier: The country of Austria has a relatively strong economy, mainly because it doesn't embrace Austrian Economics...

And here is the meat of the matter:

The Town of Greece Court’s concern with government involvement in legislative prayer
practices underscores the constitutional dilemma posed by legislators acting as prayer-givers.
Town of Greece reasoned that requiring prayers to be nonsectarian would “force the legislatures
that sponsor prayers . . . to act as supervisors and censors of religious speech, a rule that would
involve government in religious matters to a far greater degree than is the case under the town’s
current practice of neither editing or approving prayers in advance nor criticizing their content
after the fact.” Town of Greece, 134 S. Ct. at 1821. Where the Commissioners themselves are
the ones giving the prayer, they are by default acting as “supervisors” of the prayers, and are
themselves “editing [and] approving prayers” as they simultaneously deliver those prayers. In
the same discussion of government involvement in prayers, the Supreme Court continued by reinforcing that “[o]ur Government is prohibited from prescribing prayers to be recited in our public institutions in order to promote a preferred system of belief or code of moral behavior.”(citing Engel v. Vitale, 370 U.S. 421, 430, 82 S. Ct. 1261, 1266, 8 L. Ed. 2d 601 (1962)). Under the Board’s practice, the government is delivering prayers that were exclusively prepared and
controlled by the government, constituting a much greater and more intimate government
involvement in the prayer practice than that at issue in Town of Greece or Marsh. The
Commissioners here cannot separate themselves from the government in this instance.

I'm sure they still don't see a problem with it, which is another reason to vote them out.

Here's a clue: When someone has to read your Tweet nine times before the message becomes clear, you may have a problem with your messaging approach...

That moment when you realize your county really, really sucks.

How can a rusted wreck underwater be so much cooler that a rusted wreck on land? I don't know, but they are cool as hell. ;)

I'd rather wake up in Tijuana lying in a bathtub full of ice missing a kidney.

What is that, "We claim this rock for the Confederate States of America"? It's a good bet a lot of the "likes" this picture received on Instagram came from some of the parents, which exposes the core of the problem: Racism is an inherited trait, and will be with us to a certain degree for a long time.

Wait a minute, I thought America was crumbling, right on the verge of either a Socialist takeover or the Rapture? I'm confused.

It's better than turning it into condos. I know many reading this live in or near Raleigh, and have been looking forward to this deal being finalized. But for many others who either suffer from mental illness or advocate for them, this sale is bittersweet at best. We really need more information about *how* the proceeds will be spent to aid the state's failing mental health system, and there should be a diverse group of advocates brought together to figure out that how.

On that sobering note, here's your Onion:

Duh, because that shows how much you care. Or...how anxious you are to get finished and leave...Okay, we need another one:

:) "These new Dunlop horseshoes are great, but they take some getting used to."