Tuesday Twitter roundup

Might be the GOP's biggest mistake yet:

And one that will likely not be forgotten any time soon.

We can only wish...

Translating John's "there are complexities": The data can support my argument or your argument, but most of you will just take my word and not spend the $19.95 it would take to read the entire thing, especially after you read the statistical gibberish in the teaser:

In this paper, we provide evidence as to the cost efficiency of charter schools relative to traditional public schools, and explore the extent to which those differences are attributable to differences in hiring and compensation practices, or to differences in the length of time a campus has been operating. We generate estimates of efficiency using a stochastic cost frontier approach. We estimate a translog stochastic cost frontier model using panel data for charter campuses and traditional public campuses in Texas over the five-year period 2005–2009.

I just fell asleep reading that one paragraph. If I do have a nasty bout of insomnia in the near future, it might be worth coughing up the twenty bucks to purchase this article. Until then, a question to ponder: What about the Texas charter schools that didn't last five years? Is that lost money taken into consideration? Doubtful.

The really nasty thing about this is, the people most affected won't be able to cause a backlash at the polls. Making this a self-perpetuating monster.

Speaking of self-perpetuating monsters:

In addition to a bill that helps the mentally ill and convicted felons gain easier access to firearms, there is this jewel:

But his masterpiece is SB 708, the “Homeland Security Patriot Act,” which takes the names of two wildly unpopular federal edicts and fuses them together for something even worse.

This bill creates a special class of gun owner that receives a new kind of badge, allowing the holder to carry a concealed weapon even into places like government buildings, state-owned rest stops and businesses and properties that don’t allow guns. The names of these Second Amendment warriors will not be made public.

It’s insane, and goes specifically against the proposals put forth in our state constitution, but that document, it seems, has gone out the window.

It's just a piece of paper, except where it discriminates against the gays, in which case it is "the law of the land." SMFH

Don't know why the statues should be any different than the human puppets who work there...

I'm not usually one to pull the "the other side did it first" argument, but we all remember Pat McCrory touring the state and filling his campaign war chest long before he announced said campaign, so you can file this political attack in the "nice try" file.

And it's quite possibly the biggest political scam of this session. Cloaking their attacks under the guise of "improving" women's health, they are assembling a system of roadblocks and dwindling resources that will produce the exact opposite of their stated goal. GOP lawmakers are fully aware of this sham, and are proceeding anyway, which makes them nothing more than charlatans.

On that enraging note, here's your Onion for the week:

Eh, that's a little too close to home. Here's another:

Now that's what they should put in the US Capitol building to replace Aycock. Scare some sense into those Congress critters.




From my Facebook news feed, for some strange reason:

Once again, it's time for you to make your voice heard in Raleigh. As you may know, our House Bill (H321) to call for...

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