Tuesday Twitter roundup

Proud to be a pariah:

Seriously, Sister? You think it's funny that your lawmakers are about to make NC even more notorious than it already is? Not to mention that some of our citizens will suffer discrimination at the hands of other citizens, based on something they read or were told from a collection of short stories written a few thousand years ago. Don't quit your day job.

A friendly bit of advice for Speaker Moore: Just because a politician is famous, it doesn't automatically follow that getting your picture taken with him is wise, not to mention doing so on the premises of your state's House of Representatives. Santorum is so far out there he defies description:

And it also pisses me off royally that out-of-state bigoted clowns like this have the red carpet rolled out for them at the NCGA, and yet close to a thousand concerned citizens suffered being arrested just in an attempt to get the attention of their elected officials. The contrast is shameful, and is just one more nail in the GOP's political coffin.

He's not even a real American, much less a hero. Never served in the military, or firefighting or law enforcement, or any other occupation where he could have suffered an injury greater than carpal tunnel or falling down the steps of the Supreme Court. Unless you're trying to say he resembles a submarine sandwich, the word "hero" has no business being in the same sentence as Ted Cruz.

As many have already observed, "not signing" a bill is not the same thing as breaking out your Veto stamp. In many ways it's a cowardly approach to wielding Executive powers, because you allow something to become law that you can later claim you didn't support. If, in some wildly different reality, McCrory had a base of support within the Legislature itself, it might sway a few votes there. But we don't live there, and opinions are like...Well, I was going to say "assholes," but that's kinda crude, so I won't say it. ;)

Yeah, and Shumaker is more than happy to lose an election here and there, as long as he gets paid. This is one of those times.

IOPL is a great educational vehicle, and has graduated numerous dynamic political leaders. This is not one of those times.

Don't hold your breath. Seriously, it can cause you to turn blue and maybe have a stroke or something...


I spent several hours in Chapel Hill Saturday morning at the annual state convention of YDs, College Dems and Teen Dems. They are just as smart, capable and determined as their predecessors. They are extremely focused, serious and hard-headed in their politics.

They know the party faces tough challenges in North Carolina, so they’re free of the overconfidence and sometimes-overweening personal ambition of some past YDs. Above all, they are committed to Service with a capital S.

They don’t see themselves as “leaders of the future.” They’re ready now. Older Democrats need to be ready for them. If they aren’t, they should be pushed aside. And I’ll help push.

Roger that. They are definitely ready, and have my support as well.


Senate Bill 708 would create a new secret class of concealed weapons permit-holders, giving them the authority to carry handguns anywhere that law enforcement officers can, including into any place that posts a sign prohibiting concealed firearms.

Those qualified to carry the new “homeland security permits” would be given badges. They would have to undergo advanced training and other additional requirements that would have to be written by the state. The public would not be able to find out who has been given the permits.

Oh, hell no. The posse comitatus authorization is only triggered by a request from law enforcement representatives to aid them in specific duties, and that authorization becomes null and void after the fugitive is captured or peace is restored to an area or township, or whatever other problem had needed solving.

You start deputizing citizens (in secret, no less) on a permanent basis, and our duly elected law enforcement system will come apart. This is a direct assault on the liberty of the citizenry, no matter how 2nd Amendment nut-jobs try to twist it.

The irony stick smacks John Hood upside the head:

Yeah, showing a picture of four Hispanic construction workers with a bunch of tall buildings in the background is a perfect reminder of what just happened in Raleigh recently. A more accurate image would show three ghosts and a guy in traction.

"They had all sorts of fancy equipment and machines, with digital monitors and everything! It was like being at NASA!"

On that silly note, it's Onion time, baby:

I don't know why I laughed at that. Probably need therapy. Here's another:

Oh, that's what that look means. Gotcha.



More climate change humor

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