Tuesday Twitter roundup

Not too cold to stop discriminatory legislation:

Morally bankrupt and legally unsound:

Senate Bill 2 was introduced under the guise of protecting religious freedom, but it clearly goes beyond the protecting an individual’s right to worship as they please—unafraid of retribution by the state for practicing one’s religion alone or in concert with others—and instead allows public officials to shirk the duties of a job they signed up for.

And the legal basis is shaky at best. As EqualityNC Director Chris Sgro noted in a recent op-ed “in 1997, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that RFRA doesn’t apply to state and local governments. And courts have found that laws denying North Carolinians marriage licenses on religious grounds (i.e., interracial marriages) are unconstitutional.”

The cards are on the table and it’s clear as day that Sen. Phil Berger and Rep. Skip Stam are less concerned with creating jobs to put North Carolinians back to work, and more concerned with divisive social issues will pad their conservative resumes for their own electoral advantage.

Speaking of morally bankrupt:

There's actually a big fat line separating good taste and exceptionally bad taste, and you have crossed that line several times in your crusade to make yourself relevant in Democratic Party politics. This latest foray into wildly inappropriate behavior is (as far as I'm concerned) unforgivable, and you should be (metaphorically) tarred, feathered, tied to a pole and ridden out of town, as far as NCDP activities are concerned. And if any of your "friends" reading this think I'm being unfair, they can kiss the other side of my ass.

Just in case you were running out of things that make you want to scream...

Speaking of:

If by "rainmakers" you mean subverters of Democracy, then yes, they are.

I...have to look up that word. I'll be back.

I would gladly shut you down, but that would seriously degrade the humorous aspects of my weekly Twitter thing...Oh, "bicameral." Yes. I mean, no. The Bergermeister will never go along with it.

Aside from the fact the authors of said study (IHS Inc.) are paid to produce such studies, there are many suppositions being touted as fact. The biggest one is the assumption that the US will continue to consume the same percentage of Canadian oil once the pipeline is in operation as it does now. Considering Canadian oil production is currently land-locked, we are their main (if not only) customer. If the middle east continues to degrade into turmoil, Venezuela continues to have difficulty producing, and Russia decides to interrupt oil exports to European countries over the (fill in the blank) Crisis, the global market will gladly suck up every drop of Canadian oil. The only thing that's predictable about the oil market is its unpredictability.

Ssshhh! If Republicans hear about something that's working, they will inevitably try to kill it.

There is absolutely no telling what McCrory was trying to do there. Blow smoke rings? Impersonate his goldfish? And the winner is: Try to show voters how cold it is, so they will consider him heroic for standing there.


Again, this is merely proof to Republicans that something needs to change.

If this is reflective of the quality of arguments being presented in favor of vouchers, even the GOP justices should vote against. Regardless of what pit-stops the money makes on its travels, it ends up with the private schools.

On that predictively misleading note, here's your Onion:

I laughed, and then I said, "Aww, poor fella." Let's try another one that doesn't end in a grisly death:

Okay, I know I promised you no grisly death, but I can't stop laughing...



You've outdone yourself

Of course, the supply of BS coming through the Tubes these days is truly limitless.

Yep, the #ncpol hashtag

contains more BS per square foot than one of those factory farms. I can only stand to go there a couple of days a week, to put this blog together. And even that limited exposure leaves me feeling like I've got food poisoning...


Er, "billions"? They'd be lucky to bring in thousands. Dude is in (once again) way over his head. I bet he can't wait until Spring rolls around, to get started on his "lemonade stand" plan for crowdfunding...

He could start by renting out

He could start by renting out his office building. Skvarla and the Department of Commerce have no business even existing in their free-market fantasyland. Let's see him put his money where his mouth is.

Never happen.