Tuesday Twitter roundup

As the days go by, the injustice grows larger:

Pardoning the innocent is s no-brainer, Pat. Just do it.

Right, because giving more people from all walks of life a voice in guiding our government is just so un-American. Here's more, if you can stomach it:

“But as many of you know, we don’t rest on our laurels. We are already back at work and hard at it! In fact, the work never really ends. Because the struggle for freedom never ends,” Koch said, according to excerpts provided by Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit outfit that oversees the vast political and policy network created by the billionaire industrialist Koch brothers.

The only "freedom" the Koch Brothers are interested in is the freedom to exploit natural resources however they please without worrying about any consequences for their actions. If one of their rusty pipelines leaks and some poor family suffers from benzene poisoning, they should have the "freedom" to throw a couple thousand dollars at the peasants to shut them up, without worrying about government poking its nose into the mix.

Plainly put, they are nothing more than 21st Century robber barons, and to allow them so much influence over our political process is the equivalent of ignoring over a century of evolutionary thought about what it means to be a Democracy. And those who call themselves conservatives, yet also support and deify these charlatans, are nothing more than ignorant pawns in the game of deconstructing and minimizing the very freedoms they claim to hold dear. You want to see the biggest threat to our country? Turn off Fox News and go look in a fricking mirror.

And if you still need an example of the purely devious nature of the Koch Brothers, here you go:

One of the biggest energy conglomerates in the world (Koch Industries) spent millions of dollars getting Thom Tillis elected via AFP and other astro-turf organizations, and now we're supposed to believe he shuns "energy interests." Cheese, I thought AFP was embarrassingly stupid back when not-the-bus-driver Dallas was running things. That old AFPNC seems wizened in comparison.

Wow. It looks like James' "Art Pope influence" chart has a new first, the Speaker of the NC House. Does the word "ethics" even mean anything to these people anymore?

And that's all they're going to do. The Bergermeister has already said he won't even consider an independent redistricting commission, so don't light any candles or inflate any balloons.

Setting aside my usual contempt for Ellmers, this needs to be posted and remembered:

"While we must continue to provide a voice for the voiceless, we must also show compassion to women when they are in the midst of a crisis, especially victims of rape - and it is my belief that the mandatory police reporting provision relating to rape within the bill would have hindered our ability to do that," Ellmers wrote.

Big surprise, another gathering of corporate tools with the word "Freedom" in their title. Whatever happened to Janis Joplin's version of the word? You know, "Freedom's just another word for nothing' left to lose," and that's all Bobby left her, which is really sad...Oh yeah, we were talking about jackasses with very little imagination. They've got like five words they shuffle around in different combinations: American, Freedom, Liberty, American (they're a little short on memory, too), and Institute. But they never use that last one as a verb, because only socialists "institute" changes.

Jesus Aitch Christ, it was a joke making fun of Civitas' McCarthy-esque approach to "uncovering" a leftist conspiracy, not a cry of desperation. Honestly, I don't know how some of these people can do things like take a bath or cook a dinner without killing themselves...

It's "comrade," you blithering idiot. If you're going to make asinine Communist references, at least get the terminology correct.

And it makes perfect sense to them and the idiots who voted for them.

I hope you like baked Taters, because it's on the menu:

You see, in case you haven’t been paying close attention, DOT Secretary Tony Tata is, in addition to being a very well-compensated public official, a novelist. And not just an amateur who tried it one time to get something off his chest. Tata is a prolific author who has been cranking out action “thrillers” at an impressive clip. According to his website (www.ajtata.com), the Secretary has two new books coming out in 2015: “Mortal Threat” and “Foreign and Domestic.”

But of course such fantasy and myth perpetuation come as no surprise from Tata. The man has been a frequent Fox News “contributor” for years — even appearing with the dreadful Sean Hannity just last week to attack President Obama and the current Pentagon leadership. (As yet another aside, it should be noted that Tata appeared on the show in front of an image of downtown Raleigh, but with no indication at all that he holds a high job in state government. Instead, he was identified simply as a retired general and author of his new book – which was, of course, promoted.)

To his credit, I suppose, Tata isn’t shy about acknowledging his second career. Indeed, scarcely a day goes by on his Twitter account in which the Secretary isn’t commenting on military policy, dispensing patriotic bromides and/or promoting his books. He’s no closeted slacker. That said, one can’t help but wonder whether he’s simply an in-plain-sight slacker that no one has made the effort to call out. Setting aside Tata’s regular workday tweets between the hours of 9 and 5 on topics completely unrelated to his job with the state (he sure seems to take a lot of coffee breaks!) when does a man in such a high and demanding position find time to churn out relatively lengthy page-turners two at a time? Maybe it’s all generated at night and on weekends, but if so, the man is remarkably productive.

Generally speaking, two novel-length manuscripts per year is a heavy load. Yes, when you get on a roll you can crank out quite a bit. I wrote over 10,000 words in one night. But I ended up chopping most of it a few days later, and it took me about three weeks to get back to the same word count. Unless somebody is ghost-writing for Tata (not as rare as you might think), there's no way he can dedicate the time needed to run NC DOT properly and meet the needs of his publisher. Something would have to give, and it doesn't appear the novel-writing has.

Speaks for itself, but a Woolworth's sign would have been perfect.

Actually, the Triangle is an ideal spot for a light rail line like they have in Washington State. It runs from Seattle to Tacoma (and back) constantly, with SeaTac Airport as the central hub. We could have a starting point on the outskirts of Chapel Hill, with 5 or 6 stops in Durham, then on to RDU, and then several stops in Raleigh ending near the northeast part of 540. And it's not just to service the airport. I've ridden the SeaTac line several times, and many of the riders only rode 3 stops or so to get across town. Here's the moral of the story: There were a lot of skeptics before/during the construction of the light rail in Washington, but not so many now.

On that hopeful note, here's your Onion for the week:

:) Because it's making fun of steroids, you see. *sigh* Okay, here's another:

:( Eh, the Puppy Bowl thing was funnier. That's just irritating...