Tuesday News: Lock 'em up

ARREST WARRANTS ISSUED FOR TWO HILLSBOROUGH KKK DEMONSTRATORS: Law enforcement authorities in Orange County said they have obtained warrants for the arrests of two people who allegedly had guns on them during a KKK rally Saturday night outside the Orange County Justice Facility, authorities said. Investigators from the Orange County Sheriff's Office and Hillsborough police reviewed photos and videos of protestors and counter protestors, which allowed them to conclude that the two participants had weapons. Authorities have not yet publicly identified the two suspects, and officials said they are trying to serve them with the arrest warrants. The KKK demonstration in Hillsborough at the justice complex, located on East Margaret Lane, caused a big stir Saturday in the town.

SPIKE IN DURHAM SHOOTINGS HAS CITY LEADERS GRASPING FOR SOLUTIONS: It was a violent night in the Bull City with six people shot in four drive-by shootings Monday, according to Durham police. A Durham police watch commander said the injuries don’t appear to be life threatening. The reported shootings include: At 4:45 p.m. two men standing on the corner of Shirley and Crest streets were shot in a drive-by shooting that involved a white Mazda. At 7:40 p.m. a man was shot while walking in the parking lot of an apartment complex on the 3600 block of Danube Lane when two to three people in a four-door blue hatchback drove by and began shooting. Around 9 p.m. two men were shot while standing near the 200 block of W. Enterprise St. when a dark-colored sedan drove by and two to three people in the vehicle began shooting. Around 11:20 p.m. a man was shot in his right arm while riding a bicycle near Nantucket Avenue and Lynn Road by occupants of a black vehicle. The shootings came as city leaders are debating how to respond to gun violence, a conversation that was elevated by the drive-by killing of 9-year-old Z’yon Person.

RACIAL JUSTICE CASES COULD GENERATE WIDER RULING BY NC SUPREME COURT: "Weighing on this court's shoulders is hundreds of years of racial discrimination against African Americans," attorney Henderson Hill told the justices. The Supreme Court — which has seven justices, six of whom are Democrats — typically doesn't determine facts, but Hill suggested that perhaps it should. Prosecutors get so many opportunities to strike potential jurors from duty that "simple math means that black folks are going to be disenfranchised from service on juries," he said. "With all that history, how does the court respond?" As Hill was concluding his arguments focused on racial discrimination in jury selection in North Carolina, Chief Justice Cheri Beasley said: "It sounds like while we are here in the context of these cases, it sounds like ... you're addressing something greater and possibly asking this court to address something greater."

TRUMP LOSES HIS MIND IN PRESS CONFERENCE AFTER G7: For many minutes on Monday, President Trump stood on foreign soil at the close of the Group of Seven summit here and trashed his predecessor. He bragged about his personal properties from the presidential podium and suggested that he will hold next year’s G-7 gathering at his Doral golf course in Florida, which has “incredible” conference rooms and “magnificent” bungalows. And he defended both Vladi­mir Putin and Kim Jong Un, suggesting that the Russian strongman deserves an invite to future G-7 summits and that the North Korean dictator is an honorable man who will not let Trump down. “President Putin outsmarted President Obama,” Trump said, calling it “very embarrassing” for Obama. The realpolitik of the world, he said, meant Russia should be in the room at future summits. And he said he would like to invite Putin next year to his golf course, claiming without evidence that other leaders agreed with his predilection — even as they said otherwise. Asked why he continued to falsely blame Obama for the annexation of Crimea, as he did almost a dozen times Monday, the president suggested that he knew the black journalist asking the question, Yamiche Alcindor of PBS News, had an ulterior motive. “I know you like President Obama,” he said, without saying how he knew that.

AMERICAN FARMERS ARE FILING BANKRUPTCY DUE TO TRUMP'S TARIFF FETISH: More than a year into the trade dispute, sales of American soybeans, pork, wheat and other agricultural products to China have dried up as Beijing retaliates against Mr. Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports. Lucrative contracts that farmers long relied on for a significant source of income have evaporated, with Chinese buyers looking to other nations like Brazil and Canada to get the commodities they need. Farm bankruptcy filings in the year through June were up 13 percent from 2018 and loan delinquency rates are on the rise, according to the American Farm Bureau. Losing the world’s most populous country as an export market has been a major blow to the agriculture industry. Total American agricultural exports to China were $24 billion in 2014 and fell to $9.1 billion last year, according to the American Farm Bureau. Exports of farm products to China fell by $1.3 billion in the first half of the year, the agriculture group said this month. A report from the Agriculture Department this month found that Canadian wheat exports to China have “rocketed” this year, while exports from the United States have plunged.