Tuesday News: Going nowhere, fast

NC REPUBLICANS PUSH FOR NO-FAN NASCAR RACING: Calls are mounting from elected officials hoping to see NASCAR return to North Carolina on Memorial Day weekend, with the Coca-Cola 600 run in front of an empty stadium in Charlotte because of coronavirus concerns. House Speaker Tim Moore joined the call Monday, writing a letter to Gov. Roy Cooper about the prospect. State Treasurer Dale Folwell, who was recently hospitalized and recovered from COVID-19, the illness associated with the virus, made much the same ask. They joined five Republican state senators who broached the subject last week. Cooper's press office said Monday that he's "already been talking with track and team owners about how we could potentially restart racing."

MASSIVE DROP IN EMERGENCY ROOM VISITS HAS DOCTORS WORRIED: “I don’t know yet what’s the cause behind patients not seeking care,” Mehrotra said in a video press conference Monday. “We don’t think that magically there’s been a significant change in the illness factors in our community — that the number of heart attacks, strokes, appendicitis have gone down over this period of time.” Mehrotra said the patients who are showing up at emergency rooms tend to be sicker, suggesting that people are putting off treatment until they can’t avoid it any longer. “That’s one of the things that concerns me, is that patients are not seeking care that need to be,” he said. Doctors are particularly worried that people with symptoms of a heart attack or stroke are choosing to stay home. At Duke Health’s three hospitals in the Triangle, admissions for strokes are down 34% in recent weeks and admissions of cardiovascular patients are down 65%. “What we tell people is time is muscle,” Patel said in an interview. “The more time spent at home, the more time your heart muscle is dying.”

EVEN MOST REPUBLICANS ARE AGAINST COVID 19 PROTESTS: While much attention has been paid to demonstrations against coronavirus lockdown measures across the nation in recent days, relatively few Americans — 22 percent — actually support the protesters, according to the results of a nationwide survey published Monday. Meanwhile, 60 percent said they stand opposed to the protests, the YouGov and Yahoo News survey found, and that’s not just Democrats. Nearly half of Republicans surveyed, 47 percent, also said they were opposed, while 36 percent were in favor. Protests demanding that restrictions put in place to slow the spread of coronavirus be lifted were held in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Florida and elsewhere over the weekend, outlets reported. With regards to reopening the economy, 71 percent of respondents said they were more worried about lifting restrictions “too quickly,” and 29 percent were worried about lifting them “too slowly.”

TRUMP IS GOING TO USE CORONAVIRUS TO SLASH EVEN MORE REGULATIONS: Still, the Trump initiative will probably be fiercely criticized by congressional Democrats and other economic experts, who say the administration’s attempts to repeal business regulations reflect long-standing conservative priorities rather than a measure that will help Americans survive the current public health and economic emergency. Trump has for years celebrated a massive deregulatory push under his administration as an economic boost, but opponents say the efforts have created more environmental and labor hazards for workers and consumers. “This sounds exactly like the type of opportunistic political move that absolutely should not be attempted right now,” said Jared Bernstein, a former adviser to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. “Correlations between regulations and economic activity are far shakier than they assume, and I don’t believe this idea will help at all.” The White House rollback push comes as numerous influential conservative groups present the administration with recommendations for reviving the economy. On Monday, the Heritage Foundation’s National Coronavirus Recovery Commission released a 15-page report with numerous steps for the administration to take, including a repeal of business regulations at the state and federal level.

TRUMP MOVES TO BAN ALMOST ALL *LEGAL* IMMIGRATION TO THE U.S.: President Trump announced a plan to close the United States to people trying to come to the country to live and work. He justified the drastic move as a necessary step to protect American workers from foreign competition once the nation’s economy begins to recover from the shutdown caused by the coronavirus outbreak. “In light of the attack from the Invisible Enemy, as well as the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens,” Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter late Monday night. “I will be signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States!” Under the kind of executive order the president described, the Trump administration would no longer approve any applications from foreigners to live and work in the United States for an undetermined period of time — effectively shutting down the legal immigration system in the same way the president has long advocated closing the borders to illegal immigration. Workers who have for years received visas to perform specialized jobs in the United States would also be denied permission to arrive, though workers in some industries deemed critical could be exempted from the ban, people familiar with the president’s decision said.



30% of Americans are stupid

That percentage has been showing up for years; in support for the Tea Party, in support of harsh measures against immigrants, in surveys about racism, etc. So I'm not surprised to see 29% support these anti-government "back to work!" demonstrations.

Luckily, only about 1% of those idiots are willing to do something about it.

IDK, the NASCAR opening seems

IDK, the NASCAR opening seems like a good idea. If there were a way to run my favorite sports on TV safely, I'd be in favor of that too. I appreciate that the GOP priorities are a little silly and out of whack, but I think NASCAR is one of the only events that could safely be done. They should do it.

I had the same thought, with one caveat

Go ahead and let NASCAR open, but require that owners guarantee their employees and their families are 100% covered for any costs or loss of life.

If a guy on the pit crews kicks the bucket from COVID19, his family should get whatever the going rate is for a human being, probably something in the $5 million range.

With that small addition, I'm with you all the way.

And pay for the medical professionals

... since they would be drawing ambulances and emergency crews away from their normal duties, during a pandemic, to be on call in case of an accident.


We never factor in the REAL costs of anything anymore, because businesses know the government will step in an cover their asses. Private gain, public risk.