The Truth Ad Watch Watch

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I saw a clip the other day from Bill O'. discussing an ad from a republican campaign. This campaign ad completely distorts the record of the democratic incumbent. So what does Bill O' do? Why he claims it's all true.

Oh! You thought I was talking about Bill O'Reilly from Faux News? No, this one was from Bill O'Neil from WXII news, who was doing a piece called "The Truth Ad Watch". The ad in question is from Vernon Robinson who is running for the 13th district in NC. Jay Ovittore has a great write up about the distortions in the ad. But I thought I'd give Mr. Robinson and Mr. O'Neil a little taste of their own medicine and then see what Mr. O'Neil had to say about that.

(Ad begins with a picture of Vernon Robinson)

Announcer: This man - Vernon Robinson - wants to get into Congress to make money off of YOU!

He wants to change our American dollars

(show a picture of dollar on left side of screen)

into a new currency

(show a picture of some coins with a question mark over them on the right side of the screen)

What he's not telling you

(take away half the coins)

is that he'll take 40 cents of every dollar you trade for this new currency.

(Back to a picture of Vernon Robinson)

This man - Vernon Robinson - claims that he wants less government involvement in people's lives - and yet,

( show a picture of Terri Shiavo)

he fully supports Congress deciding who lives and who dies.

(Back to Vernon Robinson's picture)

This man's actions don't seem to match his words. Do we really need another Congressman that says one thing but does the opposite?

Brad Miller is a man that stands up for what he believes is right. And what he believes in is your rights. Support Brad Miller, the right man for the job.

What do you think of that, Mr. O'Reilly, oops, Mr. O'Neil? Your Truth Ad Watch, didn't exactly tell the truth did it? I always hear people complain about the "liberal media" being against conservatives. But what you did was the exact opposite. You took the ad of a whacko-conservative, where the record of a very well respected Congressman was distorted, and claimed it was the truth. I hope you know that your integrity was destroyed when you supported the lies about one of the few representatives that actually does his job and truly supports the rights of ALL Americans.